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June 30, 2010


Now: a drainpipe.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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All I see is a lizard standing on its tail.

I still don't see it. It looks like a mud splatter to me.

I'd say someone hit the pipe with a muddy 'Possum.

Jesus is white (and wearing a tie).

'The second plumbing'?

I thought it was a squashed squirrel. NTTAWWT

The Lord is riser?

it's that goofy gekko.

jeeesus christ on a pipe. (WBAGNFARB)

Handbasket please.

Looks like Sarah Bernhardt to me.

Does that mean the drainpipe is full of holy water?

Looks more like Kris Kringle. I will go no further because I see the handbasket is already full.

I see Inigo Montoya, but "Jesus on a drainpipe!" is a terrific expression and I intend to start using it immediately.

King of Grease.

*cranks up the handbasket*

It looks like the Geico geiko to me. I'm almost positive Pope Benedict will pass this up as a 'must see for the Holy See'.

Yay! The handbasket! Shotgun!

*climbs in handbasket. Gives Siouxie a beer.*

Looks like a cockroach with a tail (which would also BAGNFARB).

Nurse Alex Cotton, 38, returned home from a football match with friends when the holy son decided to make his entrance.

Can we assume Alex & friends consumed much non-canonical wine along the way?

Crappiest. Jesus. Ever.

drinking allowed in the handbasket, right? since we're going to.. uh, you know.

Mandatory, queensbee, mandatory.

yep, we're all 'circling the drain'...

*dodges greased lightning*

spider monkey roadkill

Why is there a bloody spot just below the "nose"?

Did Jesus get into a row, as the Brits might say?

Or was the nurse snockered out of her mind when she
say the "sign"?

And what would his holiness be doing on a drainpipe?

for Chrissakes, as George Carlin would say, he's the
Son of God. He doesn't need to appear on cheap and back alley waterdrains! He could appear on every channel on the telly, on every billboard there ever was, ...he's the SOn of God, dammit!!!

PS Another comment attributable to Carlin...

"and he always needs money!"

I see Sarah Bernhardt too--as Helen of Troy.

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