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June 29, 2010


Dallas store sells U.S. flag with 61 stars

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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You just can't get quality, plastic, made-in-China merchandise from Dollar Tree anymore.

But then again, he did get more stars for the buck.

This should improve U.S. trade relations with China.

It would work out perfectly if we just took over Canada.

gee, figures. texas and their new history books. wonder what those other states are?

State of Chaos, State of Confusion, State of Shock ...

State of Mind, State of the Union, State of Pandemonium ...

thanks motw. those are all good states....NOT to be in.!!!

State of Fear, State Farm, Foreign State ...

Why would anyone put 4 extra stars on the flag?

.. State of Matrimonial Bliss

State your name...

.. rank, and cereal number.

State of inebriation! That would explain the flag.

Our resident Texan, bonmot, is suspiciously quiet on this one.

If the 61 are for acquiring Canada, we'd have to kick out 2 of their provinces. I'd hate to leave someone out. Or "Oot" in the vernacular.

Good to see ya here, Ma!

The extra eleven are for East Virginia, Upper Dakota, Lower Dakota, Old Mexico, Old England, Old Hampshire, Old Jersey, Old York, Left Carolina, Right Carolina, and Washington A.C.

50 + Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coajula,...

Hello dear,
I'd tell you to behave yourself -
but I chose that name for a reason ...

it's from the future, i tells ya!!

Under the treaty by which Texas agreed to join the Union, it actually can split into four states, so now we need to come up with another eight.

I'd take Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, Tonga, Diego Garcia (sorry, England), Baja (too bad, Mexico), New Foundland and Saskatchewan (thanks, Cananda!).

Or "Canada". Canada works, too.

can we trade south carolina for something?

Barry, seems like you missed a few.

There are 31 states in Mexico. The flag is 20 stars short for our next foreign invasion, once we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hmmm, maybe we should divide California into 2, northern california and southern california with San Francisco.

New AND Improved!
Now With MORE Stars!
Twenty Two Percent More Stars FREE!!
Extra Star POWER!
MOST Stars Of Any Flag!!
Super Star BONUS!
*Examines sugar content of breakfast cereal - that explains it*

*hands meanie a box of Raisin Bran and takes away his box of Froot Loops*

It's the new math arithmetic. It's base-8, and the numbering starts with 0. It's meant to be more inclusive of horseheaded politicians those who cannot count with their thumbs for some reason.

I am gobsmacked. A Texan who can count to 61.

It's the new meth math.
Anyone else have issues buying American flags made in China? Gotta draw the line somewhere.

To catch up on an earlier post, *snork* @ Barry "57 Varieties" O's 4 extra stars!

Hiya, Annie! Howya been, aside from havin' yer gob get smacked about?

Lawdy Mercy send that brilliant assistant store manager to washington. What an excellent smoke blower he is. Ha! patriotic banner. Wonderful.

Well...y'all know what they say...Everything's BIGGER in Texas!

August 2002, in the midst of the patriotic fervor, a stand at the Kentucky State Fair is selling flags, pins, banners, BUY AMERICAN bumper stickers, you name it.
Every single item, down to the bumper stickers, is manufactured in China.
The man in charge of the stand looks at my daughter and myself, laughing then walking away. He frowns.
"What unpatriotic clowns!" he undoubtably thinks.

Now, when BO said he had visited 57 states, he said he had one more to go: Alaska-and-Hawaii.

Canada only has 10 provinces (and 3 territories).

And nobody yet has mentioned Superior (Upper Michigan) as an extra state; I saw T-shirts celebrating that claim over 20 years ago.

Watch it there, Annie.

We gots plenty o' rocket scientists here at NASA.

All the stars are upside-down.

Hey, you're right Cody! I'm sure they were right-side up in China, though.

I thought Texas wanted out of the union, not to add more to it.

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