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June 22, 2010


...it's a healthy lifestyle.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Who wants ANOTHER three years of no orgasms?????

I wouldn't call that "livin'".

(see previous thread)

Some might consider that adding three years to their suffering.

Dontcha just wanna stick a vuvuzela in that smug mug of Dr. Oz?

Dave, that reminds me - is your oosik bigger than a vuvuzela? I've always wanted to ask a man that, but never had the courage until now.

Your right it's a healthy part of life. Relaxes the nervous system but in the proper context.

No wonder I've been feeling sluggish.... I need more sex!

Theresa - maybe you're doing it wrong. ;)

Dang. Guess we can't fake it no mo, BFF.

I think sex is one of the most wonderful, natural, healthy things money can buy.

Wasn't The Sexual Famine that Ashton Kutcher movie?

If not, it should have been.

And here's another vote for smacking Dr. Oz.

Thanks, Dr. Oz, for letting the cat out of the bag.

"My goodness, Siouxie, you certainly look perky this morning."
"I had a good breakfast."
"Really? What did you have?"

Oh, screw Dr. Oz. Everything, according to him, is killing us. Or helping us. But whichever way it is it's a big ol' damn crisis and you have to change your behavior right now, or you might croak before nightfall.

Frankly, I think Dr. Oz himself is carcinogenic.

This article is bonerific!

I've never witnessed a patient's death and had the doctor tell me if he had only had more sex he would have lived.

nursecindy - do you mean if the doctor had more sex, he could have saved the patient? That's probably under an HMO plan, right?

I think that plan costs more Annie. Actually I meant the patient. I have had a few patients that almost died while having sex. Usually because their wives caught them with someone else. One guy was sure his wife had cut off his wee-wee. She did scratch it with a knife but it was still attached. The doctor put his thumb between his two fingers and told him not to worry because he had it right there and was going to put it in the fridge. (Think of the kids game, 'got your nose') I had to give him Valium because stupid believed the doctor.

Living is clearly hazardous to one's health.

Dave, as a guy, I have to say, Amen. Sure, not having sex might not kill you but why take the chance?

*snork* at nursecindy! For a client, we printed some "Wound Measuring Devices"(think paper ruler$). They make lovely conversation starters when I go clubbing.

Do, er, threesomes qualify? Just askin'.....

Yes, Meanie butt...swinging doesn't.

Annie told me.

I'll have to check out this butt-swinging you speak of, even if it won't buy extra longevity.

What type of longevity, Meanie? Oosik extension type?

If you desire that funky butt swingin' look no faaarther.

Meanie, I think he sayin' the many-somes you can get. Or die trying.

Yeah, like that prescription is going to be filled. And it ain't on any drug plan either.

Wow, that's quite a wide range on that there funky butt swing outfit. I wonder if they played on the Booty Cruise with the Butt-Kickin' Shoes.

Not sure, Meanie. Butt apparently Santa is a fan. (NSFW, or kids, or just about anyone...)

I'm sure they played with the Bertha Butt Sisters, Meanster.

Meanie, as with any lifestyle change you should first consult your doctor. Then go ask Mrs. Meanie. Let us know what she says okay?

....once you regain consciousness.

So ... he sez we don't talk about it enuf?

Heck ... at my age, talk is all the intercourse* that's available ...

(*that's part of the punchline of an old joke ... if I wuzn't such an advanced age, I might remember the rest of it ... )

*pulls the geezer bus over at an undisclosed location in Pennsylvania to pick up O the U*

*turns left blinker on and continues in circles*

Stop by North Carolina djtonyb, when you get the chance, and pick me up. I was so lazy today I looked on weather.com to see if it was raining outside rather than get up and go look out the window. It wasn't. In my defense it was 97 degrees with 100% humidity. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow.

Me again! I have a question.I saw on weather.com that it was 97 degrees here but then it said it felt like 98 degrees. Is there a big difference in how 98 and 97 feel? I'm a firm believer that if it gets over 90 degrees it's just hot. And if it gets below 30 degrees it's just cold.

Did someone have a little wine last night say around 01:37AM?

I feel for you Cindy. We had a heat index of 107 yesterday and blasted by storms all night long.

Too hot for wine DaninIA. Just insomnia. They're calling for the storms here later this week. I can wait.

Tnx for stoppin' fer me, djtonyb ... but I'm waitin' for the Geezer Bus to arrive ... I'll hafta forgo yer kind offer ...

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