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June 26, 2010


Emulate this dog.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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Send it to Washington.

Who's a good boy?? You are, yes you are! Next time though pee on the vuvuzela blower.

next time in physical reviews:"vuvuzelas and their effects on rotating hairy black holes"

Good dog!

Bwahahaha. Worth the wait.


They do remind me of the urinal funnels in portajohns.

I'm hopin' that the (mean, rotten spoiled brat of a kid) hadda clean that up ...

We once had a dog that would "sing along" when the clarinet wuz played in his presence ... din't like it @ all ... hurts their earbones ...

What an appropriate reaction.

Ahhh, the old emulating on the carpet trick. Next, the pup needs to rub old Horatio Hornblower's nose in it ...

Not a horn dog . . .

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