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June 23, 2010


On Sunday evening, the 34-year-old men were sharing a few beers when they thought it would be interesting to shoot each other with an air rifle to see if it would hurt, or if the slugs would penetrate their skin.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb, W. von Papineau, Baron vonKlyff and catmanmax)


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leaving the pellets in their butts as a reminder-PRICELESS

This would have eventually happened to these guys with or without the beer. The alcohol just needs a leeetle bit of stupid to work with.

Hold my beer and watch this, Bruce.

"Both men have been released from hospital and are returning to work today."

NOT as anesthesiologists, I hope. These guys have killed enough pain for one lifetime.

Uh, you notice it's generally male people who pull this sort of stunt, right?

Well, yeah, KLB, so what's your point?

Another Darwin miss.

‘‘Basically it was two mates in a shed having a drink,’’ Sergeant Khan said.

So that's what happens in those sheds.

Yes, KLB, it appears that not only alcohol, but also testosterone was involved.

songs by the grampians.
would be a good title for an album.

Females are busy having naked pillow fights. Not really but I thought I'd give the blog guys something to think about so they won't try this.

Soccer fans, no doubt.

They will need a doctor's note to get through airport security. I hope it has a full explanation.

Naked pillow fights?

C'mon, n'cindy ... FOTOS!!!

(These guys din't think of this until they were 34? Heck, we useta shoot each other with BB guns when we wuz about seven years old ... and we din't need -- or have -- beer to encourage us to try it. Yeah, it hurts ... trust me on that part.)

I thought that most guys would have gotten this out of their system during the teenage years.

NC... no pics... no proof!!!

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