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June 25, 2010


You've been productive enough for this week.

(Thanks to WriterDude)


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That's evil. It makes me sound like I've got talent.
I've shown no sign of any measurable talent in my entire life.

In the space of 25 seconds, I think I recreated the soundtrack for any given "Beverly Hills Cop" movie or episode of "Miami Vice."

Beats the zuzulavas.

Hmmm, it would probably be better if sound were enabled on my desktop. Must wait until I go home.

I haven't . . .

Love it...but it woke the cat and she made me stop

I have to agree with Hammond. Wait I am at home. Does this thing need sound?

My first P.E. post. Feel like I graduated... something.

I was able to get it to play the tones from "Close Encounters". Next: "A Day in the Life".

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