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June 17, 2010


...to yooooooooooooooooooooooooou....

(Thanks to mikllem)


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some day he'll look even more like this?
than he already does!

His eyebrows are 10 years younger than the rest of his face. Whatever gift he gets it will be wrapped in a shiny bow-tox.

He's pulled his skin so tight his bellybutton is riding his adam's apple up and down like a bronc rider. A bit distracting while he's singing....

BTW: 'Miss C' mentioned BM under Dave's earlier
'BM' article: the 'I HAVE NEVER FELT MANiLowIER'-no-one-ever-said-you-did-Why-WOULD-You?- NTTAWWT post.

Can someone pass the eyebleach?

Dave, why?

Damn you, Dave Barry. I keel you!!!

Totally OT:

Dave, your "Twilight" parody in the new book was the funniest thing you've written in, like, ever. I was listening to it on audio tonight, and I'm afraid I frightened the other motorists as I zoomed down the highway howling with laughter. (Like D.C.-area motorists don't have enough to be frightened of.) It was word-for-word PERFECT, down to the last "chagrin." They ought to give you another Pulitzer just for that.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled evisceration of Dave.

OMG...Barry Manilow shares MY birthday?

No WONDER I have suffered.

*begins collecting dog poop and searches for a very flammable paper bag*


But someone had to read your post to me because of the of the EYE BLEACH!!!


Luckily it wasn't a crotch shot

Now isn't that special.


It's my birthday, too, so thanks!

It's the Burger King(tmthingy)'s birthday? You know he looks a lot like ...

Auugghh!! I haven't even had my coffee yet!

Oh, and happy birthday Suzie! Mine is tomorrow.

Happy birthday, Novanglus, Suzie Q and Guin.
That is all.

My birthday was last week. Does that count?

Happy birthday, plus a day, Novanglus and Suzie QW! Happy birthday today, Guin!

To Dave, on the other hand......

It does count, Loud. Happy birthday week. Anyone else?

More happy birthdays all round, and pies for Dave. Hope they are coconut. Coconut makes me barf anyway.

Happy Birthday, all!

THANK YOU DAVE! You're going to heaven for this.

(Oh and thanks trust8 for the shout out!)

Happy birthdays to Novanglus, Suzie Q and Guin!

(Mine was the 16th. Popular time to be born apparently!)

Happy birthdays to Novanglus, Suzie Q, Guin and Susan. My birthday's tomorrow.

It's not my birthday but it just felt like it was! Thanks for that!

Happy Birthday to all! (except HE WHO MUST NOT BE LINKED TO)

Happy Birthday to everyone who is having a birthday this month! (I'm too lazy to go back and get all the names.)

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