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June 18, 2010


At least the mimosas are good.

Final Update:
The referee apparently had more mimosas than I did.


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Oh ye of little faith....

U S A!
U S A!

I predict they will come back to at least tie it, if not have a win taken from them by a questionable call!!

Nice "prediction," "Pat."

Almost as much transparency as the NBA

I'm glad Donovan got a goal.

I predict trouble in the Balkans. (You can never go wrong with that.)

The call was not questionable. It was wrong.

Slovenly call. Do we drink every time there's a shot on goal?

That wouldn't allow for enough quaffage, Annie. I think every time a player takes a dive would be more appropriate.

"Slovenly call."

Annie was that pun intended?

I'm glad Mot is keeping me updated on Facebook. Otherwise I would have no clue what's going on.

I think we drink every time we hear vuvuzelas.

YAY!! 2 - 2

Auntie M, I drink so I don't have to hear the vuvuzelas.

And I agree. Mot, our self-appointed South African Official World Cup correspondent is doing an amazing job on Facebook.

or we drink until we don't hear them anymore..

(silly pogo....)

*sucks up last of mimosa through vuvuzela...*


What? We tied?!!

This calls for more mimuzula!!

Drinking until we don't hear them....then when will we drink?

I'll have another vuvutini, tf8!!

Auntie, we drink till we pass out, therefore not hearing them. VOILA!


Sioxie you can bring yer vuvutini into my jacuzzula anytime.

*sets up perimeter against head hunting blog guys*

Drink for the poor souls who spent so much to go to the World cup to witness it in person, only to be subjected to:
1. Budweiser
B. Vuvuzelas
IV. Ties

You say 'Bloody Tie'??
I say 'Bloody Mary'!

trustf8--you don't need a perimeter against head hunting blog guys. Siouxie has a machete.

What's with the hatin' on the USA? Head butt the ref!!

vuvuzelas... an ancient Albanian term, carried through the Coat-Montenegran region... derived from "vuvu," meaning "to vuv," as in, "I'd like to vuvu that one." Also, the noun "vuv," in common usage: "That is one vuv on that guy!" In the late Middle ages, an "l" was added and the gender reference shifted. ---------- (further passages deleted)

vuvu: I'd like to vuvu on that Cristiano soccer dude, but judi might hurt me.

♫ 'Ooooooooo... Love to Vuv you, baby...'

After many years of trying to figure it out, I thought I finally understood the offsides rule in soccer/futbol. After watching the video of the offsides call/disallowed goal, I'm sad to say that I have no clue again.

Hey Siouxie, why don't you do that vuvu that you do so well?

Now who assigned us the ref from Al Qaeda on his FIRST World Cup match?!

Is that a vuvuzela in your pocket, or are you merely horny?

O the U, if I take my hand out of my pocket, I can't
toot my own horn...(and dammit, no one is steppin' in to lend a hand)... those soccer fans are usually soooo friendly,ya know?

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