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June 28, 2010


Take your protein pill and keep your space suit on.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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it's gonna be hard on the astronauts...

You know, I think it's unfair to keep bringing up Lisa Marie's rather unusual undergarment preferences; plenty of non-astronauts get their kicks from diapers, too (not that I would know anything about that, of course). Anyway, I liked that comment about being professionals - I wonder if anyone asked him later how much he charged? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Well so much for me going to the ISS. What's the point? o/t but thanks to AT&T for fixing my phone and internet service so quickly this morning. I panicked and they were here about 5 mins. after I called them. The repairman also gave me his home phone number in case I had any thing else that needed attention. Who says customer service is dead? o/t

what a poindexter!

Then why do the call it "Astroglide"?


Gives new meaning to the Mile High Club...or would it be the Stratosphere Club?

The virile astronaut gave chase,
and soon found his way to third base.
The astronautess,
so enjoyed weightlessness,
that he soon came right throughout her space.

Ionosphere Club?

That's cool, NurseCindy.

I have Comcast, and I have mixed stories. A lot of the people there are good, though.

btw, anyone heard from Siouxie today? Is she still recuperating from her Hotlanta weekend? *blows vuvuzela at Siouxie to wake her up*

No worries. That's what research grants are for. Start small - get a grant to examine the effects of burping in space, then farting...move on up the Manly Activity Pyramid to the effect of weightlessness on the size of male vuvu-rocket, then on to sex. It's called federal grant foreplay.

I guess we shouldn't ask "How was the Tang?"

Wrong crew, Annie. The next launch from India includes a fully funded project on Applying the Kama Sutra in a Zero-G Environment.

These guys probably wouldn't look at a woman, but some other guy's astronuts might be fair game.

Sex on a space station? It's been done...

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