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June 21, 2010


Lady Gaga talks her way into the Yankees' clubhouse.


(Thanks to Allen at Division and Jeff Meyerson)


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'...dressed in a half-buttoned Yankees jersey and a bikini bottom...
"There is just a time and place," said Cashman. '

Umm, when and where did he have in mind? Happy hour at the Gentlemen's Club?

why is this bimbo even famous. oh, never mind.

I hope they searched her for weapons first...

She is such a class act after all...


where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?


Wonder how she got in?

Dear Lady Gaga: Madonna did this twenty five years ago. #welcometo1982

Of course there's a time and place to swill whiskey and fondle your breasts -- Head for the Jacuzzi!

Yes, Robbie - Lady G can sing, and she sure knows her marketing strategy.

Yep, she's Madonna 2.0. Must be annoying to Madonna to be upstaged, though.

Yes, it must annoy Madonna to know that her "ratings" are sagging, compared to Lady Gaga's.

*Throws bonmot & paparazzi out of jacuzzi*

All I wanna know is, after the Yanks & LGG locked all the reporters out, which player kept yelling "Slide, A-Rod, SLIDE!"?

Ah, baseball is such a stately sport, so classy...

Robbie Cano's only comment was, "She can sing." I guess he knows that because she had her lungs out on display.

And all we got at the Marlins game were vuvuzuelas...

Vavavavuvuzeula. Just a little show to cheer them up and get the Yanks yankin' again.

But will she be banned in Boston?

I don't get why she's famous, either.

Mock her if you must, but she gets the "outcast angst" teens feel, and they not only relate, they've bought $5 million of her songs. I'm not really a fan, but she sure has Freud on her speed dial. She is not stupid.

btw - Yankee Stadium has banned the vuvuzela.

I think the fact that "she" walked into the men's locker room clears up some of those tranny rumors.

Ho's on first.

And, of course, Joe DiMaggio was married to Marilyn Monroe. Is there anything new in New York?

I'd like to clarify her access.

All I could do Larry is help her clear her throat...

with a pat on the back, you pervs...

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