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June 21, 2010


It's not too late.

(Thanks to Otis)


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If I return the necktie can I get one?

Not good enough. I want my flying car.

Meet George Jetson . . .


Oops. Sorry.

It would make cleaning out the gutters a lot more fun.

From their website:

The World’s First Practical Jetpack

Good to know, because all the other jetpacks I've given my dad have been really impractical.

Attention wives - first buy some life insurance for your guy. THEN get him this. IYCMD, AITYD.

I've had those flying dreams. Usually, vampires are chasing me, six-foot tall ones. And I can only manage to get seven feet off the ground.
I really was flying once over the mountains of eastern Kentucky when I got caught in an impressive thunderstorm. Was I scared, you ask?

Anyone else notice a theme today?

Dick Clark: "Let's play $20,000 Pyramid."

Contestant #1: "I'll take 'Anyone Have a Pencil', Dick."

Dick Clark: "Ok, here we go."

Celebrity #1: "Jet Packs"

Contestant: "Things that fly!"

Celebrity: "Lady Gaga"

Contestant: "Things that are hot!"

Celebrity: "Vuvuzelas"

Contestant: "Things that blow!"

Celebrity: "Barry Manilow"

Contestant: "Things I'd ram a sharp object into my eardrum to avoid hearing!"

Dick Clark: "Yes!"

Daddy, Daddy
Daddy and the Jets.

For when you're out of starstuff.

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