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June 29, 2010


Turns Out Women Can Often Beat Men as Beer Tasters

Key Observation Made By A Woman Beer Taster: "I got a strong bruised fruit."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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oh. i thought it said beer tasers. never mind. i'd rather beat them with a pointed stick than waste good beer.

"This one tastes like the can." (writes) "Canny taste."

-- Laverne DeFasio

A female friend, Ashley Siapno, begged to differ. "I think we have a better sense of what tastes better in all aspects," she said. "Food, clothes, beer."

I've heard of good taste in clothes, but I guess I didn't quite understand it correctly.

meanie if you're wearing clothes your wife picked out then you are dressed tastefully. Women can beat men in many different ways.

Sure they can taste it better the first six or eight but after ten or twelve they all kind of taste alike anyway. Nursecindy, if my wife did not pick out my clothes I would just have to go around without any and that is not a pleasant thought.

"Women can beat men in many different ways."

Why, yes, Cindy, we can.


One could speculate on why women are better at detecting "skunky" odors, but one perhaps would be better off not to.


if any woman (or anybody else for that matter) can detect "flavor" in Miller Lite they have seriously overdevelpoed taste buds. a piece of dry white toast must send them into sensory overload.

I have no idea if this is true or not; as far as I can tell, most beer tastes like it needs to be poured back into the horse.

Except for Foster's, which needs to be poured back into the kangaroo.

C'mon, beer drinking is about quantity, not quality.

"Tastes great. Less filling. Cute shoes!"

....and a big fat NEENER to all the beersnobs on the blog....

"I got a strong bruised fruit," Ms. Dannenberg, 36 years old, said of one of the Miller Lite batches, drawing a few nods from the three other women and two men at the table. "Slight cardboard taste. Oxidized. Unacceptable."
I don't understand. By American beer manufacturer's standards, does this mean it PASSED?

I thought SABMiller was a South African Country company.

*Ships a case of 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol to Annie*

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