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June 25, 2010


Authorities say two women have been arrested following a parents' brawl that interrupted a Southern California kindergarten graduation ceremony.

(Thanks to FredinKC, catmanmax, jon harris and RussellMc)


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America: Land of Excitement

Motto: "Press charges first, ask questions later."

"Why is your kid the valedictorian? It should have been my kid, b*tch!"

"My kid is cuter than your kid. No my kid is cuter. b*tch!" Meanwhile the kids are going around telling people they're available for adoption.

I FINALLY got credit for something!

I think they ran out of juice boxes.

Crips vs. MS-13. The rematch.

My wife has taught kindergarten for 20+ years. I can see this happening. "My child should have been Little Bo Peep in the program!"

"no reported injuries" ... in a BRAWL?!?!?!?!

It would appear that those who live in the land of Flakes, Fruits and Nuts are not the most accomplished practitioners of the Sweet Science ... merely sayin' ...

Role-Models-R-Us. That's what happens when the meth rush hits.

I know where this school is. Before they closed George AFB, the neighborhood was mostly Air Force families. Now? Well, it ain't a nice part of town anymore. I'm relieved there was no gunfire.

Spiny, so "meth rush" guess might not be far off?

Nope. ;^)

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