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June 28, 2010


Too late for Father's Day.

(Thanks to Jeff Spotts)


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Nice, I suppose, but the scary one is the Tootsie Roll cologne. I can see it now: "Turn your Hannah into Hannibal Lecter when she gets a whiff of this fine scent!" What an ad campaign...

Play-Doh Cologne...it works if you're dating an elementary teacher.

(And for the second date...crayon cologne)

Does it come with paste to eat?

I might go for the Junior Mints spray. If I remember correctly Play-Doh didn't smell all that great.

Ah yes, bon, the paste in those little cups with the brush attached to the lid...

To match he bacon-in-the-purse scent for women.

I rather like Demeter fragrances...

Once again, I was past the prime of life (Six. Definitely six. After that it all goes downhill) when this product gained popularity. So it doesn't bring back many memories to me.

How about that nice plastic explosive fragrance. Gunpowder & Brass?

Play-Doh for Playboys ? (maybe thats my problem..)

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