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June 22, 2010


Sometimes it's understandable.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Hidden in his pants... guards quickly grabbed it... I like the writing for the NY Post about the incident better.

Trendy tooting tool WBAGNFARB

Is that a vuvuzela in your pocket or are you just a Yankee fan?

Now, if they'd just ban $9 beers...

He needed vuvuzelaflage.


France officially has surrendered. Mexico and Uruguay are through in Group A.


"Zachariadis was only able to keep the vuvuzela after agreeing to leave the game."

OK, how much does a ticket to a Yankees game cost? And how much does a cheap frickin' plastic trumpet cost? Says a lot about the decision process of your typical vuvuzela blower.

Hey bon, now that France has self-destructed, does that mean Ireland gets their spot LIKE THEY BLOODY WELL SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IN THE FIRST FOOKIN' PLACE!!??

Not that I'm bitter or angry or anything....

padraig - you can blow those things so hard that you not only "shred" your throat, you can also shred tiny blood vessels going to your brain...

BTW, pardon me for being so euphemistically potty-mouthed this morning. It's an emotional time.

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So Gaga AND her vuvuzela are banned from Yankee Stadium?

In case any of you would like your own vuvuzela. They are relatively inexpensive and can be bought in bulk so evidently this Yankee's fan had either paid way too much for his or was an idiot. I'm thinking both.

I can't believe I missed this clown - we were at that game.

pad, tickets are expensive but there are still cheap bleacher seats, where Mr. Horn was sitting. Granted, they charge $9 for a Bud Light (which I wouldn't drink for free...unless there was no alternative).

cindy, of course he was an idiot.

"Is that a three foot horn in your shorts or should we get a notel room?"

pad, you can get bleacher seats for $12, or $5 for obstructed view (which mostly aren't obstructed).

Less vuvuzela, more cowbell!

Spankees are wusses.

Siouxie is French.

Padraig, I feel your pain. Ireland would have done much better. Especially in that group.

So how are vvzls different from the horns they have had in the stands at previous World Cups (other than US media coverage)?

Well, they're constant for one.

Not that air horns aren't plenty annoying by themselves.

According to the Yankees' website, "blow horns and all other distracting noisemakers" are banned from the stadium.

For years, a guy used to bring his trombone to the outfield at Texas Rangers games. He was actually good (a symphony player, IIRC), and he also was a good baseball fan who actually knew the right and wrong times to play.

There's also a season-ticket holder who gets the audience pepped up beating rhythmic cheers on a drum (for probably 30 years now). His nickname is "Zonk" and I think he's even apprenticed his son in the art.

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