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June 29, 2010


Where The Action Is

(Thanks to Dan)


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If you don't have a jet-ski, you make do.

Oh, he may think he's tough but I'd like to see him try that out on the beach.
No, really, I'd be fascinated to see how that would work out.

Maybe he was practicing..

I've been to Coon Rapids. Urban beautification there is when the TGI Fridays gets a new sign.

Who would expect that kind of thing happening in a place called Coon Rapids. I'm aghast.

Yeah, but let's see how his powerboat does in the snow.

It helps to run the machine off-season to keep it lubricated, and the water provides excellent cooling. Who could possibly object?

there is also a Coon Rapids in Iowa. and i'm pretty sure snowmobiles are a regular wintertime mode of transportation there as well. it may come as a great surprise to those living in more temperate climes but if one maintains top speed a snowmobile will travel pretty reliably over "open water." of course the operative phrases there are "top speed" and "pretty reliably." any deviation from either results in the damn thing, and the driver/passenger(s) sinking like a stone into usually frigid river or lake water.

Does one need certification for this ?

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