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June 12, 2010


Troopers said alcohol was a factor in the crash.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Chuck Cody)


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I would salute, but I'm afraid it might be returned, IYCMD.

He's "an explosive ordnance disposal technician". You'd think that would be enough excitement...

Hey, you need to unwind (so to speak) when you get off {duty}.

Yeah, RtW-H ... I wuz also thinkin' the stress of that job description might sorta kinda tend to encourage a person to take a sip or nine of a consciousness-alterin' beverage ...

... and Jeff ... yer's wuzn't there when I wrote that above ... My Bad ...

Riding bare-back on a hog,
or Whacking a poor little frog...
and Banging a Cow???
(How, now?....OOOOWW!!)
PETA will protest this blog!

I'll bet they had a nasty case of road rash.

Color Us Shocked...we saw them open for Aerosmith.

Riding without a helmet is just plain stupid.

Road rash can be nasty. I was ejected from a car I drove head on into another car at 50 mph. I slid about 30 feet across wet pavement on my face and the front of my body.
The road was wet, but that 30 feet removed most traces of clothing on the front of my body. My leather belt ended with two ragged strips on either side of my navel. The buckle was never found.
Fortunately, I was tenderized but not skinned if you get my drift. Multiple fractures but no amputation.
The idea of doing that naked on a dry road gives me the shivers.

I'm glad you're okay Steve. Be careful and wear your seatbelt. I've had so many people tell me they're afraid of seatbelts but I've never had anyone come into the ER that was burned up in a car because they had a seatbelt on. I did have the experience,as a paramedic, of scraping a guy off a road after he was ejected from his car through a sun roof.

I have to admit that the accident was so long ago that my car didn't have seatbelts. Ancient history. I always wear one now and I will not put the car in gear if there is anyone in the car not wearing one.

Thanks, NC, for reminding us.

EOD guys do stuff like this all the time.

nursecindy: Seat belts need to be used properly; when I was an EMT 30 years ago another responder in town was called to a crash where a pregnant woman she knew suffered a ruptured uterus and bled to death. Only a lap belt was used; modern shoulder belts and air bags might have had a different outcome.

NH does not require seat belts for anyone under 18; unless they are positioned properly they can increase injuries and fatalities in this age group. See this article and scroll down to "Use of seat belts by child occupants."

The obvious solution is to pack kids in bags of marshmallows.

My sister's a doctor who worked in a local hospital while she was going through school. She'd tell us that people with air bags in an accident would usually be mostly OK, similar with seat belts, shaken up, maybe hurt some, but people with no seat belts usually didn't get there because if they were still alive they were airlifted to some place that dealt with the really serious cases.

By the way, make sure to wear a helmet if you ride a bike! I got hit by a car when I was riding a bicycle when I was in college. (I was crossing the street on the sidewalk, and the driver didn't see me.) The helmet cracked. My head didn't.

The guy that went through the sun roof of his car probably would still be alive if he had been wearing a seatbelt. I do not move the car until everyone in it is buckled in. Also, I live on the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Helmets for motorcyclists are required in NC but not in SC. I've seen many motorcycles pass over the state line, pull over, and take their helmets off. So stupid. I use to ride and never went anywhere without my helmet on. I also never wore shorts and tank tops while riding. A very bad idea.

I think we are missing the bigger point here. This woman has the title of toughest chick of the year nailed down and it's only June. She left soldier boy laying there and went on her broken leg for help? How you gonna top that?

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