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June 26, 2010


Now: Wyoming.

(Thanks to Glenda Mostek)


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I blame Wyo Cowboy. He probably told this guy if he did this he would make it to the Dave Barry blog. Bad Wyo! Bad! btw, where is everyone today? I'm inside staying cool because it is 96 degrees with 2000% humidity outside. It is a certainty that on one of our local stations a weatherman will be shown frying an egg on a sidewalk somewhere in downtown Charlotte. I think it's a law they show that once a year.

Methamphetamine, anyone?? IDJIT

o/t lovely here in Traverse City, MI, nursecindy, going to see the Moody Blues tonight at Interlochen. Stay cool. (last baby robin left the nest yesterday)

Tequila makes his clothes fall off. There's a country song in there.

Taking a break from paperwork. Wish I was outside.

Blame the FOOL MOON!!!

Yesterday I saw idiots driving like super-idiots as heat and tempers soared yesterday. An impatient driver
caused/was part of a three car pileup on I-35 in downtown KC yesterday.

Yesterday evening I went to the local grocery store,
around 9:30 pm. Moon was up and out sun had set. The
manager and two stock boys were directed to assist customers in the parking lot because a barely clothed man wearing a white cape was running around the parking lot scaring customers. They chased him off.

Sorry, Cindy. I never told him that... but if I'd thought of that...

only 109 in phoenix today; we don't fry an egg until it hits 117. still too hot for nuts to be out running around; good day for drying laundry outside though.

So ... Wyo is innocent of incitin' vehicular mayhem while nude ... whom else does we know in Wyoming?

Where wuz WD when all this happened? I notice the Denver paper carried the story ...

And in his mugshot he looks so thoughtful... Probably tired from his busy night. No rest for the drugged up party people.
How'd you like to be his cell mate if it turns out that drugs were NOT an issue?

His neighbors had vuvuzelas... ?

But they were from Cheyenne and he's a moron(i) who had a little too much sweetwater. He was supposed to be in Toronto anyway.

Pssst....keep this to yourself...

Every time you read one of these "naked people" blurbs, consider every story, movie, novel you have ever read about Werewolves.

They wake up naked, agitated, and miles from home. They act irrationally. And, they always look repentant in their mug shots. It ain't about the public nudity. They are more concerned about the earing they just burped-up.


Sometimes people are just plain nuts.

I was on the moon at the time. With Steve. We were poking badgers with spoons.

Dude knows how to party.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuure, y'all wuz, WD ... and y'all wuzn't even there, and besides y'all only drove the car, and Steve MADE you do it ...

Yup ... sounds like a good story for tellin' ...

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