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June 22, 2010


Thanks, Friendly's!

(Thanks to Justin Barber and Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey, why not. You love burgers. You love grilled cheese. So why not combine them into one humongous tasty treat?

As Siouxie would say, Brilliant!

What, no bacon?

*Gets defibrillator ready*

I agree, Vamp. Might as well go for the massive stroke here. Add bacon!

No wonder there are so many overweight people out there. Even these chefs that are on talk shows create too big of sandwiches. They look good but why kill yourself eating it. Or maybe we should do it if we are doubled dared? Too funny. Just ridiculous.

And could you also pour some gravy on my thighs fries? And I'll have a diet Coke with that.

looks like we're going to need a bigger mouth...and pants...and angioplasty....

I take a very dim view of fast food.
But I have cataracts.
Seriously, who would eat this except as a one-time novelty?

Luckily, there are no Friendly's in my general location. I will just have to settle for the Five Guys bacon cheeseburger to induce my heart attack.

My nearest Friendly's is 432 miles (and 3 state lines) away. And there seems to be no cheese in contact with the burger.

Friendly burger = unfriendly bathroom bombing

Needs bacon. And cream gravy.

Now if they put a banana split on top, I'd go for it.

well, i'm already taking the maximum lipitor per day. nope, wouldnt eat that even accompanied by my cardiologist.


It sounds repellent, but I refuse to take part in the ritual beating of the breast and lamenting the Phattening of America.

You don't want it? Don't buy it. Nobody's holding a bazooka to your head and forcing you to eat the damn thing.

It has lettuce and tomato, so it's got that going for it.

I 100% agree with you Will.

And if this isn't quite big enough (and yes, no bacon), you might check out the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona.

If you're in Florida (and willing to drive north a ways, djt) you could try the Heart Stoppers Grill.

I'll take 2 and large fries, please. Oh, and a Diet Coke. I'm trying to cut back.

I would like to know how the heck you get that thing into your mouth to eat it? This makes about as much sense as this. However the last one does have bacon. I'm ashamed to admit I have ordered a couple of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a diet coke before. I told myself the diet coke cancelled out some of the calories in the doughnut.

Sheesh. After looking at that, a quarter pound grilled cheese bacon thickburger doesn't sound so bad...AND it has bacon! Even the third of a pound burger is lower in calories than that thing!

I'm hungry.

In fancy restaurants the KFC double down is known as "chicken cordon bleu".

That...actually looks pretty good. Except I don't like tomato.

Actually, Jeff, Delray is also home to the closest Friendly's... I may have to make a weekend of it...

*goes shopping for sweatpants*

nursecindy - get rid of that side order of shame, girl - it ain't worth it. Eating disorders are built out of shame.

cindy, did you say Krispy Kreme?


Friendly's is repulsive in general. When they franchised out of New England, the quality plummeted. Even their ice cream is crummy now. :(

Jeff, as much as I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I'd have to pass on that concoction.

We are all going to die from something. It just as well be something we enjoyed.

Too much cheap bread. They should have stuck to the Double Down strategy. No bun, two burgers with cheese and bacon between them.

I'll take 2 and large fries, please. Oh, and a Diet Coke. I'm trying to cut back.

That used to happen a lot when I was delivering pizza in college--someone would order a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef and extra cheese, and the Diet Coke. And true to form, most of the people who ordered this pizza were rather Hindenburgesque in stature.

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