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June 22, 2010


A pirate shed.

The shed, which Reg called the Lady Sarah Out of Worthing after his wife, is now contender in the Shed of the Year 2010 competition.

(Thanks to cato'ninetailsmanmax)


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That looks kind of cool. Nice hobby.

Better'n collecting old tea bags...

and now for something completely different....arthur 'two sheds' jackson.... who...

He bought a trunk with someone's grandpa's ashes at a garage sale!!!???!!?? Something's not right about that....

Aunt Maddie? Never did find out for sure what happened to her ashes.

Yarrrrrrr! The feisty wench with the fire in her eyes -- strip her and bring her to me!

Well that man is truly dedicated to his passion that is for sure.

Thar she be, bonmot!

Eye bleach, Cap'n Jack

Good one, Sparrow.

DEFINITELY a two-hump camel toe there, Jack!

Yarrrrrr, Sparrow, strip her, roll in her in flour, and look for the wet spot!

^hauls down an "in".

The noose is a good reminder of what used to happen to pirates. Now we transport them to Kenya. Not good enough if you ask me.

"Having said that, I think the only way we can get the booty is by acting a little like pirates ourselves and making a surprise attack...and leaving no prisoners!"

Isn't that the only way that a lot of people (or at least the aesthetically challenged ones) can get any booty?


The other finalist sheds including Reg's Pirate shed are here




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