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June 28, 2010


We have a strong candidate.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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to quote bonmot: 'arsenal?'

I have no desire to know the dimensions of my backside. I have even less desire to know the dimensions of her backside. I would like to know her I.Q. I'm thinking it's in the double digit range.

Why is she famous? Did she write a book?

Who knew a big butt could make one a celebutard? Oh, maybe it was the sex tape...

"You're going to need bigger calipers."

I'm sorry but even that sterling example of world class journalism could stimulate any interest in.....what was her name again?

There's a Pulitzer category for usin' a tape measure?

Hu gnu?

So this is what's going to replace newspapers?

Old joke (much like KimKay)-
A survey of married women found that:
-79% thought their ass was too big
-%12 thought their ass was too small
-%9 said they didn't care what size he was, they would have married him anyway.

Sir Mix Alot got something to say

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