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June 30, 2010


You're not just gross; you're stupid.

(Thanks to James Tokarz)


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Who throws pennies in the loo?

Who threw Penneys in the loo? That's assault with a deadly wee-pun.

that whole store fit in there?

from the bathroom at my college newspaper office: please do not throw cigarette butts in the toilet as i find them very difficult to smoke.
thanks, editor in chief.

Aren't those the same hands that do other icky things? Or are we not supposed to think about that?

♫ Hands across the water, stream just hit the fly ♫

I guess that explains why the twenty-five cent peel-and-eat shrimp taste kinda like urinal cakes.

J.C. Penney? In the urinal? Who knew?

Queensbee knew. Which makes me wonder exactly how much experience she has putting things in icky places.....

This must mean that the admonishment reiterated by many Moms ... "Don't touch/eat that, you don't know where it's been!" ... is no longer valid ... eh?

It's an old tradition: you throw pennies in the urinal, and it means you're going to return. Danged if it doesn't work, too!

Time for a musical interlude...

Every time it rains, it rains
Pennies in porcelein...

In your stream
Shimmering in the yellowness --
Moonlight in the gents'

Three coins in the urinal
Through the ripples how they shine
One pair of hands must retrieve them...
God, I wish that they weren't mine.


Wasn't that a joke from an old Mel Brooks movie? "Piss boy! Piss boy!"

I think someone misunderstood the urinal penny game. If I wasn't lazy and had some semblence of a memory, I'd look in the blog archives for the first post about it. I'm also easily distracted so I likely wouldn't return for months.

I'm reminded of a Frasier episode where Niles took delight in finding out one of his social rivals had made their fortune selling urinal cakes.

Yes, Queensbee, people shouldn't throw butts in the urinal because it makes them soggy and hard to light. After all, smokes in NYC are now over $10 a pack.

See a penny
Pick it up
All day long
You'll have good luck!
This only works if it's heads up though.

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