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June 29, 2010


A United Airlines pilot was briefly detained at the international airport in Rio de Janeiro after lowering his pants during a security screening...

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Viva o capitão!

Maybe he's single, Siouxie.

When I worked for the guv'ment, I rarely visited the Cabinet I worked for, partly due to the half-hour it took to get through security. I can see his point.
(My boss knew how I felt. He finally took to letting me in through a side door and not telling anyone). (Don't tell the terrorists that it's that easy).

"Is that a joystick in your pants or do we need to go in the bedroom back room and discuss this further?"

It's Brazil, Birthplace of the thong. What are they so uptight about?

"Hersh agreed to a prosecutor's offer to pay a fine in exchange for no charges being filed against him."

Isn't that also called a bribe?

um, couldnt he have just lied and said, whoopsie, pants fell down...... bwaahhha... guess they have no sense of humor - didnt he have underwear?

I think he was just trying to save time on his pre-flight by checking his joystick.

If they don't want the pants to fall, they shouldn't have required him to undo his belt.

One thing I did not understand about the fall of 2001: When I went away for the weekend without nail clippers, by the time I got back, my nails were so long I didn't need box cutters.

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