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June 26, 2010


BERLIN -- German police say an American got so fed up with the constant mosquito-like droning from his neighbors' vuvuzela plastic horns that he threatened to kill them With an ax.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I believe it says in the constitution that in as much that thy neighbor blows a vuvuzela with force and enthusiasm, thy shalt have the right to bear arms against him and execute him until he is declared legally dead by the local barber. I think Benjamin Franklin put that in there. Bonmot would probably know this statute better than I do.

The Anne Boleyn noise ordinance penalty, vuvuzela clause.

Too much vuving for one guy to take.

Best defense: Hitler invented the vuvuzela.

Was he a Republican? Just asking.

Dick Cheney shoots his own lawyer
GWB (43) was accused of murder in college.
Sarah Palin goes hunting from a helicopter

"vuvuzela-free broadcasts"

Is this anything like Radio Free Europe?

back when i was in Junior High, only shortly before electricity, i met a very pretty girl at a high school (the one we both would later attend) basketball game because she had a large plastic trumpet. those things (the plastic horn)were very popular back then.

i don't remember if the damn thing sounded like the vuvu whatevers but it was a disturbing sound.

i do remember that i had a crush on that girl that lasted (unrequited) long past high school.

So ... "Assault with a deadly weapon" ...

That could be an axe ...

or a vuvuzula ...

This is not Siouxie - it's Punkin. We are being held hostage and being made to endure hours of hilarity and gallons of wine. Send help. To Haiti. Or the Gulf. 'Cuz we don't need any. I can't say the same for the people of Georgia. Thank you and goodnite. *giggle* *hic*

Waitaminnit... Siouxie, DDD, Cheryl Howard, and Punkin are all in the same Jacuzzi?

*would get in the car and head north, but has opened a box of wine and will not be driving anytime soon*

Siouxie and other bloggettes in Atlanta, I also have many relatives in law enforcement there so if you should get into any trouble just mention my name. They'll let you out.

... or not, n'cindy ...

merely rememberin' that my kinfolk in various types of bein' LEOs has kept me outta jail (mostly) so far ... but it's no guarantee ...

(No Felony convictions tho ... since ... noon, yesterday ... )

Why doesn't he just buy them some bagpipes ?

Right!!?? Right to axe someone because of Vuvuzela use?? No, that is a duty, a responsibility.


As someone who has spent the past 18 days at the World Cup in South Africa, hearing the buzz of vuvuzelas day and night, I can completely understand this American's feelings!
Signed, Mrs. Blog

Hmmm. Siouxie and other bloggettes in Atlanta on Saturday. Here's wishing you a good and restful Sunday with no vuvu....whatevers near.
(I've never heard one in person. Anyone trying that on our beach would be buried in sand, head down).

Pssst .... pass it around ... vuvuzela playing leads to lower sperm counts, lowered sex drive in both genders and an inability to metabolize alcohol.

*Waves at Michelle*
The 4th of July in Miami will seem relaxing in comparison. Come home safe!

o/t : I have just dropped off my son at college (Penn State.) I feel OLD!

/back to your regularly scheduled vuvuzula-ing./

Guin, you're not old. Just think of this as the beginning of your 'me' time! My daughter is blessing me with a granddaughter in 13 days so I feel old! But I cannot wait to hold the little one in my arms. They are giving her a nice Irish name also. Reagan Elisabeth. So just think of this as another step towards grandmotherhood. Now. Feel better? *goes off to cry in corner*

He axed them to stop making so much noise.


We saw the BIG CHICKEN!!!!



Guin..."Old" is when you notice said children developing traces of gray hair. (And yet I don't really FEEL old, except when I try to, y'know, stand up from the recliner and other athletic activities)

Hi Michelle!

Susy can see Vuvuzuela from her house!

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