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June 19, 2010


Bethlehem man allegedly hits woman with potato chips due to dirty look

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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Something tells me he's not gonna get Lays tonight.

Assaulty snack?

It seems that the first commenter gets the obvious puns!

Good-bye, Mr. Chips.

Cactus simul-sandwich...ouch.

Hey, as long as it wasn't these how much damage could he do?

Outlaw chips or dirty looks?

He sure Ruffled a few feathers, huh?

Well, he wasn't very Wise, that's for sure.

If you throw a bag of chips at someone, can it really be called "assault"? Really?

Howard attacked Johnson with chips? Must have been out of ice cream.

I'm guessing he's single and will remain that way.

They were arguing over whose first name was spelt more crazily.

What a dipchip.

After arrest he was Frito on his own recognizance.

When chips are outlawed only outlaws will have chips.

Now the Center for Science in the Public Interest will file as a friend of the court to demand the charge be upgraded to Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

I din't think the story said a "dirty" look ... it said "staring" ...

Mebbe he thot she wuz starin' @ him with Lust in her heart, and he wanted to remain pure for marriage ...

um ...

Well, mebbe he thot she wuz Satan ... or an Alien ... and wuz tryin' to save the world ...

um ...

I got nuthin' ...

Maybe she was staring at him because he nitpicked her about something like comparing "dirty look" with "staring."

Mmm, I really wanted some chips today. Thought about hacking off Mrs. Loudmouth so she'd throw some at me. Reconsidered that it would result in things more injurious.

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