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June 21, 2010


Sullivan’s Island considering a ban on singing, whistling

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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you know, we should have let these people remain seceeded.

Apparently they really, REALLY hate Andy Griffith.


I live less than two miles from Sullivan's Island and I am in favor of this ban. My only complaint is that the ordinance doesn't include people humming songs.

This is twice in one month that Dave's blog has featured stories about places just a few miles from me. This is the other one. Maybe there's a movement underway to do things that make Dave's blog. I'll have to join up.

@queensbee, despite living in SC, I agree with you. I'm not originally from here and from what I understand, state law allows me to leave at any time (for now).

Jeff Tompkins, North Carolina is much nicer. We just have yahoos saying they've seen bigfoot out in their backyards. The video is about 5 miles from my home and I don't care if he's single. I've been to Sullivans Island plenty of times and I don't remember this being a big problem.

Would playing a vuvuzuela horn count as "hooting?" Because I'd really like to send a bunch of South African soccer fans to Sullivan's Island to put that asinine ordinance to the test...

They're just tired of of the tourists singing the theme song to Sullivan's Island.

Will they also be banning phallic buildings?


I'd like to see Lady Gagger try and get into their clubhouse.

So no whistling for a cab?

How bad does your singing have to be to be banned by city ordinance.

Or ordnance.

The latter would be a LOT more interesting, actually.

What about loud farting and belching? Music to be a man by.

nursecindy, I used to live in Raleigh. I really miss that place.

Maybe we could exile Manilow there.

Too close Meanie. Mr. Barry, ladies and gentlemen on Sullivans Island are far too refined to either 'hoot' or 'holler'.

cindy, do they snort in derision?

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