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June 21, 2010


Don't blow that vuvuzela too hard.

(Thanks to Jeff)


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I suppose golf ball and garden hose comments are right out.

Now all we need to do is define "too hard" to mean "at all".

"I thought I was blowing it right," she said. "Perhaps I was trying too hard."
Read my lips, hon. It ain't worth it.

She was clearly doing it wrong.

*smacks KJP & Wyo with the Vuvuzela of Justice*

She ruptured her throat and the doctor laughed?

WTFBBQ?! Sadistic b@stard!

I'm sorry, Jeff, but that's FUNNY! I don't care who you are. :)

That's right not too hard now. Blow on it just right.

One down, two million to go.

A worthy adversary.

Let's play - Blonde or not blonde?

She deep throated her vuvuzela???? What????
I can't hear you with all this humming going on.

*leaves blog, closes door behind her*

There. Now, what was the question?

And WHAT THE HELL is that blobby thing at the top of the page and why is it undulating?????

Punkin - step away from the vuvuzela. We are losing you.

The other wrong way to blow one.


Meanie, that looks precisely what ought to be done to vuvuzela blowers...

*SMACKS* wyo cowboy and KJP. *DOUBLE SMACKS* mtb and asks politely for him to quit posting his own pictures on the blog. btw, alcohol had to be involved somewhere in mtb's picture.

Not actually related to the present subject matter ... tho vaguely still "on" topic, in a very loose definition thereof ...

I've been wonderin' if sumbuddy with sum REAL talent, and a good embouchure, Wynton Marsalis, for example ... could make the vuvuzela sound good ... um ... better than annoying ...

Merely curious ...

Prolly not ...

Meanie, that's just wrong in SO many levels.

Kinda "tooting" yer own horn there, huh?

I have been diligently googling when bored searching the globe for the first report of a butt-area vuvu "accident." IANMTU. I figured a Frenchman would be first.

I very much surprised myself with that link. Trying to riff off the posted story, I was seeking an image of someone blowing into the wrong end of a vuvuzela, but found no such image using various search terms. The search was nearly given up when I found that link of someone blowing the wrong end into a vuvuzela. Close enough.

A million to one shot, Meanie. Million to one.

Divine justice?

Meanie...Now that you've clicked your preferences, expect some interesting spam

And the government does nothing! We need the Obama administration to declare a 6 month moratorium on vuvuzela blowing.

Judi! Meanie's showing his @## again! I think they should have these in Washington. If they don't get things done in a timely and cost efficient manner they have to sit and listen to them for an hour at the very least.

nursecindy...considering what they listen to in congress, a little vuvu would probably be a welcome change

Umm . . . you don't actually blow on it . . .

I've been wonderin' if sumbuddy with sum REAL talent, and a good embouchure, Wynton Marsalis, for example ... could make the vuvuzela sound good ... um ... better than annoying ...

I'm not sure if Wynton could (or would) do it, but--in an attempt to merge two circles of hell--someone did decide to auto-tune a vuvuzela, using Europe's "The Final Countdown" as the song to, umm, "play."

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