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June 24, 2010


On Pool Float, Jerry Whipple Drifts One Mile Into Gulf Of Mexico Before Coast Guard Rescue

(Thanks to Omaha Bridget)


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I'll bet he's glad it wasn't shark season.

Just doing his small bit to clean up the oil slick.

what's to investigate. he were drunk.


Too much squeezing the Charmin.

I wonder what kind of dreams that he had as he was a-float-in. It's a good thing he didn't end up being fish bait.

Guy falls asleep while alone away from his wife/girlfriend and drifts out into the ocean, very content. Woman finds him and decides "He must be drunk." Guy now has reason to get drunk and go floating in ocean ...

Did he wake up oily?

I hope he used lot's of sunscreen.

Wait; a boater finds a guy drifting in a life jacket a mile offshore, and instead of loading the guy into their boat, they call the Coast Guard to come and get him?

That's cold.

Bonmot - never pick up hitchhikers. You might spill your drink.

Bonmot, maybe he looked dead on the float and the boaters didn't want to contaminate the crime scene. Or maybe I watch too much tv.

The embarrassing part was when they dumped him in the tub of Dawn detergent, got him all de-oiled, and found out he wasn't a contaminated manatee.

Bonmot, give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the boat was a kayak or scull.

Dreaming he's sleeping on a waterbed. A really, really big waterbed.

Being out there that lone, he must've had to pee really, really bad.


This has "bachelor party" written all over it.

Actually, Meanie, so does Siouxie.

I thought that cake tasted especially good.....

Annie, he's a guy. Near water. Alone. No-one to say he'll have to scrub the shower thoroughly.

Blink, blink?

Hey, I've slept through worse. But that's not what I told the guy.

Whenever you see a story like this, whether it is someone adrift in the ocean, flying thousands of feet in the air attached to balloons, stuck on a mountain, lost in the desert in a broken down car, etc it is always a GUY. I think it is part of a conspiracy. I think the liberal MSM doesn't report it when it happens to a WOMAN. I mean, c'mon, you know this happens to women all the time.

Actually Dirk it doesn't. A woman wouldn't do this because 1.It might be on the news and there we would be in our bathing suits with thousands of people watching. 2. Too much sun causes wrinkles 3. We're too busy watching our men so they won't kill themselves doing something dumb.
Also bonmot it sounds like he could use a good lawyer. Know any?

So, if a man is alone and adrift in the middle of the deep blue sea, is he still wrong?


End of discussion.

Quite so.

*snork* @ discussion;)

p.s. also if he's drunk (or sober) in a crowded room, family gathering, bowling alley, backyard BBQ or meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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