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May 20, 2010


Fine foods from abroad.


(Thanks to Catherine)


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Yummmmm! I'll take a case. It will be very tasty after a hard night oput pubbing!

And if I was ill after eating Puke, I could always wash my clothes with Barf detergent while I drank some Sweat water to rehydrate. If I ended up staying a long while in the toilet, I could survive on Pee Cola and Plopp chocolate bars. And of course when I was feeling better I'd have some Instant Sex Fruits and Vegetables to make sure I was regular in everything!

I prefer the old formula - Puke fortified with Urine!

Is that like a barf bag?

Not like a barf bag....

It's only 4 weight watcher points per serving, but is that a total or for every time you eat it?

I suddenly feel like dieting again !

i think i threw up in my mouth a little.

I'm glad to know it's only puke. Some of those ingredients in packaged food these days...

So good you'll want to eat it again.

And who said that truth in advertising was a good thing?

Whatever happened to Ayds diet-support candies? A little name problem?

Part of the Proud Puke Products: Enriched Puke, Organic Puke, puke etouffee, puke croquettes, boiled puke, fried puke, puke scampi, puke
puke-kabobs, puke creole, puke gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple puke, lemon puke, coconut puke, pepper puke, puke soup, puke stew, puke salad, puke and potatoes, puke burger, puke sandwich. That's about it.

Bubba - you forgot Diet Puke, salt-reduced Puke and low-carb Puke.

Mrs. Bun - I don't like PUKE!

patron - I LOVE the stuff!

Visigoths - puke puke puke puke ...

(musical note thingies) Re-gurge-itation.

(to the tune of the old Heinz ketchup "Anticipation" ad)

ahem Carly Simon

Or Carly Simon.

I tried some curry ketchup the other night on and in a meatloaf. Very good.

Sort of simplifies the old binge and purge cycle for bulimics.

Endorsed by Kate Moss and the skinny one of those dopey twins.

I've had that stuff before. Taste better coming back up.

This is, I hope, the original Classic Only Puke, and not that abominable New Only Puke. I can't for the life of me figure out why they tinkered with the original to begin with, but I threw up my hands and gave up fighting it.

One order of Only Puke - comin' right up!

Geez, some people will "swallow" anything,

and then puke it up! Or it exits the "other" way.


The name is actually Pukee and it is pronounced

You see, if you eat it, you will pooh and Kei (pee)

What, all those products and nothing from Bimbo?

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