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May 11, 2010



(Thanks to Karen Delaney)


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wayyyy too disgusting.

How exactly are you supposed to use these? You can't just drop the eggs on someone and expect the lice to settle in by them selves, can you?

The gold package contains a sampling of whatever was found on Paris Hilton. It should easily cover the average a large metropolitan area or small country. Oversize shipping charges apply.

*makes note to never piss off Karen Delaney, whoever the hell she may be*

Ugh! Hostess with the grossest...I won't be borrowing Karen's recipe for coconut cream pie...

*scratches head*


See, you really can get cooties from kissing girls.

How close do you allow your ex to get? I would think you would have to be awfully close for them to give you pubic lice. I seldom let my ex in the same zip code.

All my exes are back in Texas. Really. (ISIANMTU)

And that's why I'm in Arizona right now.

Besides, I wouldn't want to get close enough to any of 'em to give 'em this.

What an original idea. These guys are merely scratching the cervix surface.

"parasite husbandry"?

Is that an occupation, a hobby, or what Doug Reinhardt is suspected of?

what about pissinabottle.com

A Karen Delaney used to be a Karen Rosenthal who lived in Miami, married a Dave Delaney and moved to Panama City Florida 14 years ago. So my pie is safe, come on up. (=:

Parasire Husbandry WBAGNFARB or a Pauly Shore movie.


I'm not itching to try any of these.

I wonder how much scratch they sell for?

Thank you for being such a lice audience!

Tip your waitstaff, we're here all week!

Not only can you find anything on the Internet, you can catch anything on the Internet, too.

I'm feeling itchy just from reading the article....


It just seems odd to pay in order to acquire these lice.

I thought they made a chick flick about this, called Thelma and Louse.

When you care enough to send the very pest.

Perfect for the nitpicky person on your gift list.

Now we need to get Vanilla Ice doing "Lice Lice Baby!"

And did anyone besides me ever watch is movie debut in "Cold as Ice"? Probably one of the 10 worst movies if all time!

Here's a website dedicated to it: Melt that Ice!

I especially like the Overstock.com ad on the page.

*snorks* All Around!

Not likely. Lice and eggs don't naturally live for long after they leave the human body. It has to be a fairly direct transfer, if you get my drift.
I found a closed vial on my desk at the health department with a note asking me to identify the contents. It didn't say if whatever it was was alive, so I put down paper towels, got a bottle of alcohol, and opened it up using tools. That wasn't my first time at that dance and I had learned precautions.
Inside, rolled up in tissue were four "crotch crickets", dead.
I found the nurse who had left them for me a half-hour before and confirmed her suspicions.
Then, I asked her to at least tell me if I was looking at something alive or dead the next time.
She informed me that they were alive and well when she left them on my desk.

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