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May 28, 2010


New York drivers are the least knowledgeable in the nation for a second straight year on rules of the road and neighboring New Jersey motorists are almost as bad, according to a study by an insurance company.

(Thanks to Michael Morrow)

Update: Obviously the study is deeply flawed, as it ranks Florida 11th.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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First of all, the idea that Florida is NOT in the top 10 is unbelievable and throws the entire so-called study in question, and second...

Woo! We're #1!!!

Here's the list.

DC is 3, but VA and MD, which are on either side of it, are 24 and 32 respectively. Hmmm.

I got 1005 on the test, btw, and I live in VA.

Ummm. 100%

OK, thanks for adding that Dave.

"Deeply flawed" says it all (as well as being a perfect description for your average Florida driver.)


They only tested how well you Florida drivers know the laws, not how well you ignore them.

^5 Jeff!

& FL is POed cuz NJ/NY got Super Bowl XLVIII!!!
(and all those awesome roman numerals!#?&/*@!!!)

calm down: i closed my italics

yo, we dont NEED to know this stuff, fahgeddaboudit.

Rules? Since when??

*Pummels Mr. Wade B0ntrager*

MTB--my thought exactly. Next they will be telling bands they have to play "chords"...

I demand a recount!

There are rules?

There's really only one rule in most of New Jersey: you make the left turn from the right lane.

Sorry about the FL average. I just moved here and I seem to be skewing the results. Give me a little longer, and I'll be driving the wrong way, ignoring lights, and yelling at people who try to correct me.

They probably only surveyed the taxi drivers in NY.

Rule no. 1: Get out of my way.
Rule no. 2: See Rule no. 1.
Rule no. 3: If unable to comply with Rule no. 1, see Rule no. 2.

*cuts meanie off @GWB for draining my jacuzzi*

We're #15? I did see a car with Florida license plates yesterday and, thanks to this blog, I got out of his way. I missed one on the test, wiredog. I thought a safe distance was 10 seconds. I guess that is a little long. But in my defense I erred on the side of caution.

Sorry, tf8. If I had realized it was you, I wouldn't have run you into the barrier.

When I met my wife, her family lived in Buffalo. She told me that Buffalo drivers took their half of the road out of the middle. I thought she was joking. She wasn't.

It's all determined by the density of the traffic.

Around the DC beltway we are really dense.

"There's really only one rule in most of New Jersey: you make the left turn from the right lane."

I mostly see the flip of this rule: folks making the right turn from the left lane (and always without using turn signals to indicate intentions.)

Major flaw in the study ... one of them folks said, of driving in rural areas ...

" ... when you're cruising the open road at 60 ... "


In Nodak, we cruise @ 75+ ... on pavement, 85 ... freeways (all both of 'em) ... 95 ...

Slapdash techniques ... too bad ...


OK ... so they know how to take a test ... they sure don't know how to drive ... except FAST!!! And CUT YOU OFF WHEN THEY PASS ...

In Minnesnowta,esp. in the Twin Cities, it's live or die....

Here, when we see another car, we stop to talk!! It's much better..

FL... must be Demented NY drivers...

We have all those congressional dinks (not the real word I use) driving their BMWs while texting on one phone and talking on another phone, as if they are something important, and maybe reading legal papers at the same time. All the while trying to drive by the rules of whatever state or country from which they slithered. Meanwhile I'm following and yelling, "Pick a lane, any lane".

I hate those dinks
who dwive & dwink!
It's hard to pass
those pains-in-the-@ss,
And then: what next?
They twy to text!
All the while
They just 'speed-dwile'
If you Can pass 'YELL'
right into their cell,
And give'em a HONKIN'
To Stop all their flonkin'!

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