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May 28, 2010


...the authority you want is The New York Times.


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That is a very nice review. I have one story left in the book, which I'm saving for tonight.

The strumpeting goes on and on!

Wow! Star Island is coming next month!

Multibook series and $200 million movie franchises have been built on a lot less.

Speaking of which, when are the Peter and the Starcatchers movies coming out?

John Grisham wrote a book??

Next month brings Mr. Hiaasen’s “Star Island,” which revolves around a 22-year-old pop star who has a drug problem. The main character is a look-alike hired to distract paparazzi from photographing the pop star when she is throwing up a birdseed, vodka, painkiller and stool softener mix into an ice bucket, as she discreetly does at the start of “Star Island.” This book is billed as fiction, but you be the judge.
Based on his travels with the RBR's?

Seriously. Nice review there, Dave. I can't wait to get my hands on the book and I'm looking forward to Star Island!

'If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere...'

*wonders when dave will make it to new york again so someone can get their book signed*

Dave, your book for Memorial Day reading. I may get a chance to read some more of your latest book. What I have read of it is funny. Good interview with Mitch last night.

Finally, a book about Tommy James and the Chantelles. I always wondered what their story was - thank you, New York Times for alerting us!!

Shondells, tw.

Second, this isn’t a book to take on vacation; it is a vacation. Simply consider that the entire “Twilight” series seems to have been written for the express purpose of giving Mr. Barry the chance to make fun of lousy writing.

I don't want to tell you your business Dave, but that sounds like a blurb to me.

And it's totally accurate on the Twilight thing too.

Don't forget, that two-timinge Pulitzer-winning guy Weingarten has a book, Dead Babies in a Car, coming in July.

shills and strumpets. wbagnfarb

I thought Dave was in a band . . .?

Dave wrote a book? Where can I get it?

Tash: I think he has written two books, actually! Or maybe three. I don't know. You just never HEAR about them.

Dave Wrote a Book WBAGNFARB

Siouxie and Tash? I hear that one of the other RBR's, Stephen King, has also written a book or two. Who knew? Great review, Dave. I've read the book twice.

New York is #1!!!! at something other than bad driving.

so There.

I'm gonna have to start reading these so-called books one of these days.

RE: tf8's linky:

In the No. 2 spot is Siesta Beach in Sarasota, which Dr. Beach says has some of the finest white sand in the world.

We're da chit!!

I lived in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. for a couple of years, Siouxie, and the beaches there are so much better than ours. The water is beautiful and the sand is so white. I have had some wild and crazy times at Myrtle Beach, SC and it's my favorite vacation spot. If you go there eat breakfast at Tar Baby's in Cherry Grove and eat supper (dinner to you yankees) at Dicks Last Resort. You'll love it.

Siouxie: We beaches need to hang 2gether -
i'd love to flonk-a-dwile witchu!

Wooo hoo, tf8!! We'd have to flonk responsibly!

cindy, I'll have to make it to SC one of these days too.

nursecindy -- When I'm in Ocean Isle I prefer to go to Calabash for dinner.

There's a lotta shrinky beaches on that list, IYCMD.

Galveston may not have the prettiest beach, but I comfortably have been swimming in the Gulf on Halloween.

We're hoping the oil stays east of us. So far, so good.

bonmot! I also like Calabash. Aunt Maudies is a very good place to eat also. I have a place at Ocean Lakes. Siouxie if you come up we'll have a great time.

Somebody, please, take Dave to the beach.

Dave you are still doing a good job thinking up stuff for me to have big laughs. You get a gold star, gold watch, gold everything - and that reviewer is obviously hip and with it, how refreshing.------ Just send me anything you want me to buy and include an invoice.

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