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May 25, 2010


But here it is.

(Thanks to John Regan)


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Not just mammoths, but mastodons too.

So, if they were around today, we'd be slaughtering them to fight global warming?

So eating mastodons caused mammoth farts?

...But we have Barry Manilow.

If they'd dealt it they could melt it?

When does cow season open?

Does that mean that elephants are responsible for global warming?

If we're experiencing global warming, how come the weather's been so cold lately?

If global warming includes cooling, why do they only tell us that now that it's been cooling and why did they name it global warming?

If global warming is real, why did those scientists feel the need to manipulate the data points inappropriately to "prove" it?

Has Al Gore been informed?

*MAMMOTH SNORK* @ lairbo!

Does this mean we'll start finding "fartifacts"?

Uncle Ed. Now he could make some mammoth farts.

And how many guys immediately thought to themselves 'Yeah, I got your mammoth farts right here!'? Admit it.

I immediately thought of my brother

I do my best on a daily basis to replenish what those beasts cannot provide to our planet's ozone any longer...

more beans,please...

here, pull my tusk...

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