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May 11, 2010


It was only after battling the blaze for five minutes that she looked down and realised that she was still topless from the sunbaking.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Chuck Cody)


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"For the record, she was smoking hot herself, but provided all the boys a pretty awesome sight for an otherwise typical Thursday," he said.

"Once she had the blaze under control, she then got her bikini situation under control and put everything back where it should be."

Smoking Hot & The Bikini Situation WBAGNFARB

Sunbaking huh?? Guess that's a more appropriate term.

If she continues "sunbaking," her "smoking hot" bod will turn into sun-dried prunery.

she had a full audience but no help? she should've turned the hose on the crowd!

So while this woman was putting out the fire all the male persons were standing around with their tongues hanging out watching her? Men.

Yeah. No chit.

A little HELP please??????????????

Umm...the tree just spontaneously combusted?!?

And to be fair, we would support Siouxie or Cindy in a similar situation. Just keep fighting the fire, we'll handle the modesty problem.

...and may I also nominate this for Best Blog Story of the Week! With a picture, even!

The question is, how many of the non-helping guys were taking cell phone pictures, and can we see them?


Just kidding!

This should speed up response time from the fire department. They missed all the real action.

Jeff, I think the non-helping guys were busy lighting more palm trees.

"Topless heroine Tash Bennett (at left, pictured with sister Liz)"

Yeah, not so topless in that photo, huh? Jerks.


Now every time she goes out to sun bake, one of the nearby buildings mysteriously catches fire.

That could get her a Girl Scout merit badge, for being able to start a fire by untying a string.

I'mma SMACK Jeff, Allen and fivver. Chris and pad are warned.

Hey, you guys should quit casting a prurient light on such a heroic, selfless action. It looks like she got there just in the nip of time. NICK! I mean NICK!

There once was a lady named Brazen
Who found her apartment was blazin'
She squelched out the fire
But forgot her under wire...
Was fast going from plum to raisin.

Was this the face that launched a thousand quips
And topless burnt the towers of Ilium?

I didn't get that it was her face... that caused the excitement.

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