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May 18, 2010


Commute naked.

WARNING: Not 100 percent SFW.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Only if you look good nekkid, Dave. Not recommended for most people who'd be willing.

Yeah Dave, what if this guy or this guy were commuting naked?

Only if it were summer.

This is the Covent Garden stop of the Piccadilly Line. Not that I'm planning to commute there, of course...

Clearly, they hired those particular people to travel naked, totally for their looks.

Dang. Missed my stop again.

not in NYC!

Gives a whole new meaning to "Mind the Gap."

So if that was an advertising campaign, where exactly were the ads?

Actually, Allen, one sign read "Charing Cross."

I'll bet the store they're promoting sells after-market equipment.

Yeah, I'm sure a bunch of them later boarded the tube.

♫ I've been perkin' on the railroad... ♪

*snork* @ bonmot

Bon--wait, there was something in the background?!? Really?!?...

WARNING: Not 100 percent SFW.

Ya think?

Charing Cross is almost like Grand Central. I don't think I'd do it.

I like the smirk on the guy's face behind the open-mouthed escalator-decending chick.

(How's that for some German grammar?)

I noticed that bonmot left a comment on that particular article. Unless there is another bonmot in Texas. Does Mrs. Bonmot know?

I'm going to ask the big question: is this really hygenic ?

I will occasionally comment on stories in the British press.

But only after I've posted it here.

Watch out for short strap hangers.

There was a lighted sign on the bridge into DC this morning announcing bike to work day. We could combine the events. Mind the bar.

Well, the blonde at the top was definitely worth a closer examination. The text said there were four but all I saw was the two women. Were there more?

Was that Howard's end ?

This should not be allowed. High heels are not safe on the Underground.

Me: "Where can I get those shoes?"

Men" "What shoes?"

There were shoes?

Of course I'd have to get a bigger bag.

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