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May 13, 2010


"It's a real warning for people not to eat a slug."

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Even if infected, most people recover fully without treatment. However, it can sometimes cause severe meningitis. Because humans are not the natural host of the parasite, the parasite eventually dies without treatment."

So, can we assume that with treatment, the parasite lives to a ripe old age but the patient doesn't?


The outcome of this case was rendered indeterminate after the man was dared to step in front of a bus.

Why do men do dumb things just because someone dared them to do it? Is it a matter of honor? If someone dared me to eat a slug I'd just say, "Okay, but you go first." Of course I wouldn't eat one.

My sentiments, exactly, NC

Takes out errant comma

Athough not a cephalopod, snails are cousins, class gastropod. My observation about squids can be expanded to: people in the articles on this blog always make bad choices with cephalopods and gastropods. We are awaiting the evidence on bivalves.

How do you say "Hold my beer and watch this!" in Australian?


Rat lungworm sounds worse than monkey pox.

He obviously did not eat slugs...responsibly.

Whoa! Talk about dodging a bullet. I was that close...

Ignore this page.

While human beings may not be the natural hosts for the parasite, I have met some people who would definitely qualify as slug-life.

Rat Lungworm would have been a good name for a Harry Potter book character.

Is it just me or does this article have serious problems. First it calls the disease "Non-infectious". Then talks about people being infected. Then it says the disease causes meningitis, and then it says that this is normally benign. Sounds like the author has a case of worms on the brain.

Once discharged from the hospital, let's hope they find him a nice mental facility for further tests.

Rat Lungworm will be the WMD in the next "24" movie.

Have you guys heard about the people who are curing allergies and auto-immune disorders by deliberately taking in hookworms? Dare ya.

Bet you're all wimps.

I notice that none of the blog guys have an answer for my question. Dave, we blog ladies DARE you to wear a kilt tonight on Craig Ferguson's show.

I may be a wimp, but I'm a wimp who doesn't have rat lungworm parasitic disease.

*Pats mtb on his wimpy little back* Actually you are not a wimp, Meanie. You did jump out of an airplane.

I'm with mtb. But not when he jumps out of a perfectly good airplane.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! France has just now surrendered.

My daddy said he'd always thought he'd like to jump out of an airplane until the day in WWII when he thought he'd have to.
Given the choice of jumping or eating a slug, I think he'd have jumped, first.
I wouldn't do it on a double-dog dare. I stepped on one, barefoot, about 50 years ago and I'm still scrubbing that foot extra hard.

stupid is as stupid does.

It's still safe to eat the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle though, right? 'Cause it's all sterilized and stuff, right?

How do you say "Hold my beer and watch this!" in Australian?

Posted by: wiredog | May 13, 2010 at 12:27 PM


As Siouxie would say...Brilliant!

So eating the slug made him sluggish?

Wait, did he eat Edgar?

Dummy. You're supposed to cook them first and then eat them with lots of melted butter and garlic. The French have perfected this.

Please, no one show this to my little brother, whom I once convinced to eat a slug. He was 5 years old at the time.

Cheryl, I'm sure that explains a lot.

If this had happened here, soon you'd see teeny little warning signs on all snail shells, like the ones on silica gel packets ("do not eat") and plastic bags ("this is not a toy"). How dumb ARE we? Wait, don't answer that...

And this young man is a Darwin Award candidate-in-the-making.

Padraig, as my sister says, there's no where near enough tequila in that bottle to get that maggot past my lips.

Forgot to mention that my sister gets tipsy on two little wine coolers. Then she just laughs, mostly.

HEH! If I had a nickel for every time a guy wanted me to eat the wo....

Whut? Not the same thing??

um...carry on then.

*WAVES* to the Duckness!!!!

Nice article also

Belated *WAVE* to my friend Siouxie!

Garfield on snails and snacks

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