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May 12, 2010


Shark in a Pickup Truck

(Thanks to Mike Ricciardi, Siouxie, and MartiniShark [no relation])


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Poor shark just got tired of riding around Miami on the metro mover.

130 pound monofilament, duuude!

Whatever it means, it sounds cool.

Mobile CandyGram

You're gonna need a bigger truck....

Shark in a pickup, ho hum.

Now if he was driving it, give me a call.

Perhaps Jack Bauer will jump over it on a motorcycle on this week's episode of 24.

...name for a disappointing Samuel L. Jackson sequel.

*snork* @ VP... then he'll gut it & find???

- all his 'dead friends'?

Probably out chasing ambulances.

Yeah, I immediately thought of James Woods, too.

I just don't understand why people in Florida can't leave the sharks in the water.

Could that shark be...Mack the Knife?

Loan Shark making in-person collection visit.

Maybe we should ask Steamroller Hammerhead Whatshisname if he had anything to do with it.

I've been really close to sharks in the water lots of times but that is a Bull Shark which would make me nervous.
On the other hand, there are a number of people to whom I would love to make that delivery.

I just do not see what the big deal is with this story.

If you are looking for the driver of this truck, you are likely seeking a one-armed man.

The Update has now been posted on their site. I suppose that I may need an actual human code to get this posted.

Try delivering the Shark to the Lawyer in the next post...it will be Professional Courtesy..

A True story from ND paralleling that-- seeing a truck hauling a dead horse, with a sign, "______Custom Meats" on the side..

Sushi delivery.

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