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May 11, 2010


It might not actually be demonic.

(Thanks to ricefarm)


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"Meanwhile, another Southland family has also had a lukewarm response after findng caterpillars living in muesli bars. Winton woman Cassandra Robertson discovered the larvae in the Mother Earth muesli bars she had packed in her children's lunches when they brought them home unopened. s Robertson told TV3 she called the 0800 number listed on the pack, but didn't get a sympathetic ear from the company's spokeswoman, who said it was a common occurrence."

Reminds self not to buy muesli bars, what ever they are...

So the Chinese factory worker was the demonic one?

ArcticAl: think granola bars.

Well, the caterpillars have to live somewhere.

two years ago????? thank god i rarely eat canned food....

If caterpillars are a common occurence in your granola bars then maybe you need to rethink how you process that particular food.

At two years old, I'm surprised a demonic face is all that was found on those pears...

Okay, granola gives you your daily fiber, but you need protein too. That's why the caterpillars provide additional nutrition...

Certified pesticide free.

I hate muesli bars, but the linky can be tasty, especially the BBQ flavor.

I think the worker was just attempting a self portrait. Personally I can really see the likeness.

Now if you will excuse me I must run and hide from Siouxie and Nursecindy

I think it looks like Jesus.

You mean Chinese quality control programs allow contaminated foodstuffs to get into the stream of commerce?

Shocking. What else might be affected?

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