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May 18, 2010


Question 1) Why do so many people and organizations put every random email address they can find on their mailing lists and newsletters, without asking the recipients if they are even the teensiest bit interested in receiving them? Do they really think it's a good thing to annoy the crap out of people they don't know? Or do they honestly believe that their own personal opinions (or press releases) are so mind-bogglingly fascinating that people who live in different states (or even different countries) and have busy, productive lives of their own will be grateful to receive their incessant electronic observations? (Oh, sure, you could say, "Look who's talking!" but we remind you that participation here is voluntary.) And what about the people who do this, but worse, every single email has FW: in the subject line?

Question 2) Is there any way to stop them?


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Don't post your eMail address online?

This blog used to display the eMail address, despite assurances to the contrary.

Participation here is voluntary???

This is a legit site.

(or just tell 'em to go Phish Off...)

Answer 1: They're idiots.

Answer 2: There is no way to stop them.

Perhaps the S.B. should stop hanging out at certain websites. You know which ones I mean. They harvest your info. And don't blame the cat.

Jeff, stop harassing judi.

Create Inbox rule: Subject line includes "FW", move to Spam or Trash.

Sure, you'd lose half the bloglit submissions, but--hello? Hello? Is anybody there?...

Your participation here is voluntary for the S.B., that is.

As to Question 2): Call Jack Bauer!!!
(Nukes might be required.)

What does "S.B." stand for?

As a PR flack, I can offer some insight here. Yes, the people that do this are idiots, BUT...

(1) Believe it or not, they actually get some press pick-up from this type of shotgun, send-it-to-everybody approach. Hard to imagine, but yes, some media outlets take time to read through this junk and use it to fill editorial space. Not many, but enough to make it worth it.

(2) If they're from an agency, they can tell the client, "Oh yes, we made sure your press release got to 24,000 different reporters and editors," without specifying that maybe 5% of those reporters and editors actually READ it.

I hate when people like this give the profession a bad name, but I'm not sure you can ever really stop it.

bon - s.b. = stealth blogerette/blogette = judi

I love judi's rants. In fact, I'm going to save this one and send it to everyone who sends me wan drivel. If they understand it, they'll be peeved and leave me alone. If they don't, they'll be frightened and leave me alone.


Thanks, Siouxie.

pssst bonmot The s.b. = "The Stealth Bloggerette" (aka judi)

♫ 'Blogger, bloggerette, bloggerillo?'

Another possibility is to post links like this one at SpamPoison so spambots just get a bunch of go-nowhere eMail addresses from known spammers and eventually they overwhelm their own servers.

(Also available in Spanish : ¡Combate el spam! Haz click aquí! y otros idiomas)

How about one shot stopping?


If they understand it, they'll be peeved and leave me alone. If they don't, they'll be frightened and leave me alone.

*snork* @ Annie.

Thanks, all.

OT/ Hey Siouxie, there's a movie coming out this summer called Machete. OT

Oh yeah. ^NSFW.

I vote for blogoddess...

You can report the offender to his or her ISP, which might result in the account being closed. Or it might not, depending on how much the ISP cares about complaints.

they are the same people that talk loud on cell phones in public. the only way to learn 'em some manners is a round between the eyes.

This drives me crazy too, Judi. But the thing that drives me the craziest is when people send me emails telling me that at a certain time on a certain day if I forward that email to 10 people G-d will bless me. I don't think G-d likes me bugging people with my computer.

I found that having an email address that ends in "@nambla.org" weeds out over 99% of these annoying emails. Of course there is a downside . . .

How about that great university: 'stfu.com'

Cut back on the coffee and amphetamines in the morning.

Nice one, Martini.

Seriuosly, if you take the time to find out whom is the object of the spam (company, personal name, etc.), then send that info and an address to me, I'll go over there and bash in all the windshields in the parking lot. This does not have a direct and complete impact upon the volume of spam, butt it falls into my Rule Of Fire Ants: Peeing on fire ant mounds does not kill all, or even many fire ants; however, drowning fire ants, scurrying about holding eggs over their heads have less time available to eat and lay eggs. Plus it's satisfying.

Looks like judi is still pissed about Craig Ferguson not having Dave on his show last week after all, or that she forgot about Craig's birthday yesterday, or both...

CJ is the answer to #2 (har). Just act psycho.

No one can stop idiots but they drive much progress. If there were no annoying flash ads on websites, who would have invented Flash blockers?
I am also puzzled by sites that blast you out of the room with music, sort of, that you never requested. Short of keeping the computer on Mute, I know no solution.

1. yes
2. machine gun or machete

Do I win?

bon, I want to see that movie!!!

I suppose a preemptive nuclear strike is right out?

Let me get this straight: some people are not grateful to receive my incessant electronic observations?

"Act" psycho???

Har!@ FWMeanie!

Annie, I'm a Method Actor.

Just e-mail that annoying Mr. Viagra right back and tell him enough already.

Spam is a crime in Virginia (AOL headquarters); if enough is sent, it becomes a felony.
PG-rated Link about Machete (which probably won't be G-rated) from IMDb

I don't want to click on the spam, even if I could send pee onto their fire ants. Who knows what I would catch if I click on it?? We have had telemarketers and junk-snail since we had phones and snail..... We hafta get the "do not call" effectively converted to the Internets. Which will be challenging because there are so many pipes.

1. delete
2. waterboarding

i dont like the ones that offer no way to unsubscribe, as if you had subscribed in the first place. What is the secret shopper program and why cant i get off their stupid list?

But if this didn't happen I wouldn't have got that email last week from FBI Head RObert Mueller III telling me that my dealings with the Central Bank of Nigeria had FBI scrutiny and my money was on the way.


Of course, I was a teensy bit suspicious at Mr. Director's grammar, but doesn't this sound legit to you?

We believe this notification meet you in a very good present state of mind and health. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Washington, D.C in conjunction with some other relevant Investigations Agencies here in the United states of America have recently been informed through our Global intelligence monitoring network that you presently have a transaction going on with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as regard to your over-due contract payment which was fully endorsed in your favor accordingly. It might interest you to know that we have taken out time in screening through this project as stipulated on our protocol of operation and have finally confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all facet and of which you have the lawful right to claim your fund without any further delay.


Just imagine if Siouxie, or Annie, or even MTB, had told you in the 1980s that the Russian Mafia was using Chinese computers to send them images of Japanese lesbian schoolgirl sex via lasers and they COULDN'T GET THEM TO STOP.

You'd've had them committed. Today you'd just tell them to adjust their spam filters.

It must be a conspiracy to wear out millions of Delete keys. Unless, of course, God tells you to forward.

Jeff, if you need me to put in a good word with Bob, let me know. He is personally working on a similar effort on my behalf.

Dang Jeff. Sipho Mabusa, my proofreader guaranteed thet the Inglish was gut.

@Wiredog - that's now my (slightly edited) facebook status...

dawg, if it was the 80's...I'd blame Madonna and hairspray.

Looks like we're all going to be Nigerian millionaires, Jeff. I've got the Fringe Division working on my case though. All 'cause of them dang aliens from another alternate universe.

Siouxie, I hate those guys.

William Bell can help you out.

1. I blame society.
2. I use beer - titrate until you don't care any more.

And mudst., it may be true that: "they are the same people that talk loud on cell phones in public. the only way to learn 'em some manners is a round between the eyes.", but I find that one entertaining way to deal with these folks is to join in the conversation. It's extra fun in elevators, and if it's a long enough ride, they get so disgusted with my intolerable rudeness(!) that they hang up and glare at me for the rest of the trip.

Our Walter is gonna kick their Walter's butt ... !

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