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May 12, 2010


Is everyone aware of where The Blog will be?


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No, judi. I have no clue.

*excuse me whilst I wipe the drool off my keyboard*

It would be nice if you gave us all a hint, though.

Will Dave be wearing a kilt? I think it would be totally appropriate if he did so. He put on the light up bra for the guys so the kilt will be for us ladies. Are you tired of your book yet Dave?

Whoa, how many hairstyles can one guy have?

Dave appearing on Craig's show should be an absolute festival of maturity.

Dave wrote a book? He should go on tour to promote it.

there's a show with a Scotsman? i thought it was a blancmange.

cindy, maybe we should start a Face Book page to get Dave to wear a kilt tomorrow night. I'm sure we'll get millions thousands hundreds TENS of members! (heh...I said member)

I agree Siouxie. This could be easy since Dave is tired and liable to do anything we ask very likely more agreeable to ideas.

ATTENTION BLOG LADIES! Here is a link where you can email Craig Ferguson and request that Dave wear a kilt. I've already done so. Maybe if enough of us email him he will get Dave in a kilt.

And by "tomorrow night" do you mean the MORNING of May 13 or the MORNING of May 14?

Thanks for the link, cindy. I've done my share (EVIL GRIN)

i mean Dave is on the show when they tape on the 13th (tomorrow) and that show will air tomorrow night (the NIGHT OF the 13th, but technically, yes, the early morning of the 14th).

please be sure to wash the stick thoroughly, horace :)

I emailed him also!

So, let me get this straight...

I knew a guy who used to claim he wore kilts but to the rest of us it looked more like a tutu.

I seldom stay up late enuf to watch CF ... but this might be the time to sacrifice sleep options ... BTW ... minor correction ... for those of us in the Mountain Time Zone, who also receive their cable feed frum the Central Time Zone ... tomorrow night is ... tomorrow night ... and not "early Friday morning" ... merely bein' picky, I know ... it's a gift, whut else can I say?

the most important question: (For people who never stay up for late night TV) WHICH CHANNEL??

Craig who?

EB, he is on CBS after David Letterman's show.

Talked to MB(RH?) and she plans to watch ... and she's promised to remind me to try to stay awake ... I've quoted several passages from Dave's new book @ her, and she's interested, but has not yet started to read the entire text ... so ... tnx for the warning ... um ... alert, BSJ ... gotta learn how to "record" in case Dave wears a kilt ...

I wrote Craig Ferguson again and said to please consider doing it for the children. Especially for little Judi. I may have mentioned that we blog ladies are all single mothers with 12 children and this would give us a reason to keep going on. Plus we've watched 24 with him for the past several years so he owes us.

nursecindy - I wrote in as well. I even promised him cookies....and a few other things that shan't be mentioned on a family blog. Whatever it takes, 'cuz that's the kinda gal I am.

(pssst, Siouxie, I may need to borrow your knee-high boots and the matching cat-o-nine tails.)

Got my request in; now to talk my cousin into recording it.....

Recording it? Shoot, I'm thinking about leaving work early and going to the taping. Can't let the right-coasters have all the fun.

Email sent!

haha i sent one, too...
Good luck with the show, Dave & Have Fun!

Spam is EVIL.

E-mail to Craig just sent.......Thanks, NC

Will have to take a nap so I can stay awake tonight

Here's another kilt for the blog ladies.

I would *SMACK* Ralph but I think he would like it.

The question, of course, is what the blog ladies will promise to do for us guys if we vote for their kilt project...I'm sure we can work something out...*leer*

Allen, what do you want us to do?

Allen, Allen, Allen: what would Mrs. Division say?

Additionally, if Allen's requests multiply, there may be some 'subtractions' at Division.

Ladies, please--one at a time. (OK, maybe two...) I did go ahead and click Cindy's Craiglink and sent an email requesting the kilts, not mentioning all the female drool that was accumulating in this thread.

Coco, Mrs. Division would snort and say "You want him? You got him!"

Thanks, A@Div. We blog ladies will have to think of something...

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