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May 26, 2010



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Amazing video!!!

(wait'll MOM sees it...)

Escalator falls can be dangerous. Sometimes you can fall for hours.

In about 14 years that kid is going to be saying the Turkish equivalent of "Hold mah beer and watch this!"

Istanbul was Constantinople. . .

And rescued him without the use of a magic carpet.

I agree with trustf8. Mom is going to be so proud, after she comes out of her coma.

That's just encouraging the kid.


Mom's gonna SMACK Dad upside the head for letting the boy out of his sight.

Whatever the shopkeeper's name, his nickname is now "Steve Largent"

"Escalator Fall Boy" - worst super-hero concept since "Matter-Eater Lad" and "Arm Fall Off Boy"

lame superheroes

I agree with Siouxie. The guy that sustained the injuries was the father, when he got home.

Turkish kids are wimps compared to New York kids.

As God as my witness, I thought Turkish boys could fly!

I firmly believe that we are surrounded by Heros. It's just that circumstances have not yet revealed them.

More proof that Turks can't fly.

ah, sorry Meanie, CrapPad took forever to verify mine.

I found a little girl about that age in a mall at the top of an escalator, no parent in sight. I waited with her until some nice lady came along who took her to security . . .

. . . and if you want to go fishing you need a license.

Sign that merchant up with the Bills!

Ginger Rogers always took the elevator. She was a Fred Astaires.

Proof yet again that lack of parental supervision knows no boundaries ...

(and snorkchortlesnork @ MtB & bonmot & them others ... )

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