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May 19, 2010


A pensioner, Jack Harris, who spent seven-and-a-half years working on a 5000-part jigsaw finally completed the puzzle only to find there was one piece missing.


(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Check the heat register.
That's some seriously bad karma.

Speaking of bad karma....one of my Hospice patients, who wasn't doing so well, asked to go out for chinese food with her family "one last time". When the Fortune cookies were opened - hers was empty. *cue spooky music*

Oh, and too bad about the guys' puzzle.

Gave him a reason to live...until this.

cindy, maybe he's single.

Seven & a half years to do one freaking puzzle?

I've been to Shepton Mallet; there are maybe 12 people there, tops. A puzzle looks exciting in comparison.

Of COURSE he's single! He's spent the past seven years fingering his crooked little bits!

I bet the missing piece is in his vacuum cleaner bag. With his rollicking lifestyle, he probably hasn't had to change the bag in the last seven and a half years either.

Thanks to failblog...

Look, if you're down to the last piece, you've finished it. It's that other 4999 pieces that are a b!tch.

Eighty six years old, and he's still looking for a piece? *Tips hat*

Poor guy. His relatives should cut out a piece of cardboard and color it in and tell him they've found it.

It brings him a true inner peace
His puzzling will never cease.
Now he must 'trust fate'
And patiently wait
"The Return of the Prodigal Son Piece"

Goes to show he should have counted them before he started. That would have added another year or two.

Fitting, TF8.

Wasn't this the plot of YuGiOh?

Okay, I guess Dave didn't notice that I sent this in this morning, but the problem has been solved ...

Thank you punkin. My thoughts exactly.

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