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May 12, 2010


A British woman said her pet pig received a letter from officials encouraging it to register to vote in the general election.

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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Presumably Blossom has already sent in her Florida absentee ballot.

Pfft! Now if that pig was dead...

"I can confirm no pigs voted in the area last week," he said.

That could be a bold statement.... Not sure he'll be able to back that up.

'Blossom receives several pieces of junk mail each month...'

...so blossom gets spam?

They really should be more respectful of Charles and Camilla.

"... and when I say no pigs voted, I mean a certain number of them did, more than we are preapred to admit, but all new poll workers are warned that if any pigs show up on Election Day with voter registration cards, they're to tell me immediately so that I can take every measure to hush the whole thing up."

No, THIS explains a lot.

blossom was too depressed after he resigned (for using taxpayer money to clean out his moat...)

Proving once again that pigs get fat, and Hoggs get slaughtered.

So ? Anything with a driver's license or a utility bill can vote over here.

The Uckfieldian press ran a story,
how a swine sought electoral glory.
But nobody knows,
if the pig's preference shows
that it voted LibDem, Labour or Tory.

Well done, bmot.

The ham gets spam.

So when This little pig went to vote
(Not thinking of rules she'd be breakin')
The officials cut open her throat
And those fat swine all dined on bacon.

(sorry - too much jack torture this week)

I'd trust a pig to vote with more consideration than many so-called "registered voters."


There've been tales of Kentucky voters being paid off with a ham. Hmmm.

After seeing some of the women of Britain, I'm not surprised this mistake was made.

On the topic of government gaffes, I remember once reading an article about a female German Shepherd dog getting a notice that she needed to register for the draft (in the military)!

In Oregon, you can vote by mail, actually, I think this is the only way you can vote, so technically, if someone helped the pig a little... Except I don't think pigs have the right to vote yet, or they'd have outlawed bacon years ago :)

It's unfortunate that pigs aren't extended the voting franchise, they'd probably make better decisions with their random votes than humans do at the moment.

Thanks for that, AWbh.

How do we get rid of the skechers spam??? That stupid post is in several threads now.

Makes you appreciate good ol' quality American witticisms, doesn't it?

well, you could email me and let me know it's there, so i can delete it ;) just a thought. i saw it, though, so it should be gone.

LOL that was so good, Annie.

All hail The Spaminator!

Thank you, judi. (pssst - his birthday is the 17th. Maybe Dave could give him a book as a present.Hopefully a good book.)

Stop all thiswining!
Ignore the spam pig!
Just squeal to 'The Boss'

judi rocks

judi, thanks!! I was about to email you.

Annie, did you know that Dave MAY have written a book???

dave-- i have been trying top find Sam your brother--can youu help. I was married to Gail Hockmeyer at 10 Wago and went to alot meetings with your dad and Sam. Sam and I lost touch so maybe you can help. Thanks

bill, this is how I met Sam and you can email him from his link there. This has his bio, blog, and email.

belated snork @ cindy, way back up there re: charles and camilla

Stop horsing around, cindy. You should be more respectful of Dobbin and Nellie.

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