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May 20, 2010


Toronto finds a use for its mayor.

(Thanks to The Perts)

Related Update: What IS it with mayors and toilets?

(Thanks to keroff)


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Actually he's a lame duck mayor on his way out. Plugging a toilet would be the most useful thing he's done in eight years.

Putting him in the toilet would also be proper given that his administration has been pretty crappy.

"Mayor plugging shiny new pay toilet"

But who's going to want to use it after he plugs it?

I'm betting he took a wide stance...

Now if they put a photo of him IN the toilet, people might decide it's worth the quarter.

I don't give two $#!t$ - erm, bits.

The sound of another political career going down the pan?

Heck, anybody can plug a toilet. All you do is take a couple dollars to Taco Bell and wait.
Did anybody notice that this part of a $1 billion project? Talk about throwing money down the toilet!

I'm more interested in the guy who stole the porta-john. How anal can you get?

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