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May 17, 2010


Bat fellatio causes a scandal in academia

(Thanks to Alison McQuade)


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That sucks.

And blows.

Finally, an article one could sink one's teeth into (but then you'd be doing it wrong).

Not if you're a spider, bon ;P

Holy Blowjob, Batman!

The music accompanying the video is hysterical, but I was expecting more of a "Bown! Chicka Bown Bown!"

The boffins kept close track of stats,
of boinking times among fruit bats.
But when told that the ratio
increased with fellatio
it caused inter-professor spats.

If you want to get past 1st base you're gonna have to handle some balls, & don't choke up on the bat.

I remember that Western TV series from my youth.

Just in time for oral exams.

Oh, wait, that was Bat Masturbation.

Hasn't anyone pointed out that the females apparently think the males have too short a fuse? And they've figured out something to help.
You scratch my back and...we'll think of something.

I've heard of filleting fish before, but never a bat. What? Oh, it's something else? Nevermind.

I just hope the males return the favor and are cunning linguists. I mean, if they're fruit bats they're vagitarians, no?

OTOH, if they're "fruit" bats do they fellate each other? NTTAWWT

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