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May 27, 2010


...than a tarantula rustler.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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head em up, move em out..

ick. *shudder*

Charlotte wept.


absolutely no spiders either.

Beware of Kuntz bearing spiders.

Get high and steal the library tarantula??? For some reason, this reminds me of Dave's famous column containing the line, "Dude...wanna do some TOAD ?"

*snork* @ bonmot -
(...& Not Allowed!!!)

Biebers and pythons and spiders...oh my!

The thief was a low-lifey lout.
He cared not how the children would pout.
He swiped the arachnid;
cops soon his deed undid,
atop of the old water spout.

The truth about the Carroll County Accident.

The Kuntz with the spiders are gonna need to shave their beibers.

My wife, a retired teacher, used to ask me to bring my Red-legged tarantula to her classes. The kids were not the least bit afraid but none of the teachers ever touched her. The spider was a gentle soul who never bit anyone but that mouse she ate one night.
And, no, a "controlled dangerous substance" could not refer to the spider.

hm. i wonder if i could...

for halloween fun
i'm the best, you should hire me

the waiting list's long
'cause all the frat boys desire me

i don't sing or dance
i'm no stand up comedian

i kind of blend in
something like a chameleon

i'll loiter about
near the donut holes and ci-i-der

and out from my ass
will crawl a great hairy spi-i-der

the men folk will shout
women scream like there's nothing worse

and it only gets louder
when he puts himself in reverse

Left the library with something hairy in his pants and some pot besides.

*snork* @ mud's "spider outta the ass" poem. I've missed the snake ones.

How scary are the librarians if the kids are more afraid of them than the tarantula?

Since no one is saying it, but it must be said, "Tarantula Rustlers" would be a good name for a Country AND Western band...

Is it because of blog policy that nobody has mentioned "Randy Allen Humple?"

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