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May 23, 2010


This week's retrocolumn was requested by Samantha O.


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We've come a long way since then. Now the hamsters and chickens are running the TSA.

I remember this column. btw, to read it on the link provided you have to register. My second plane trip was to the Philippines and we flew on Braniff Airlines. They were a lot different then. Of course Braniff is out of business but I remember the stewardesses (I know not p.c.) being very nice and constantly asking if we needed anything. Playing cards, pillows, blankets, magazines etc. All free. My first plane trip was when I was about 6 months old and we were coming home from Japan where I was born. I don't remember much about it but my dad swears I cried the entire time and he is the only man he knows that walked across the Pacific Ocean. Walking with me was the only way he could shut me up. He also says I almost grew up in Hawaii because he and my mom started to leave me there.

I may be back flying in a bit, it's good to remember.. they don't mean anything PERSONAL by not giving you good service....

Besides they are making more money feeding you in the Airport now, and that's important...

So, back in 1998, Dave did straight news?

you should not have to register, cindy. it's just the herald. if you haven't ever registered with the herald, you should! and if you have EVER registered with the herald, it shouldn't be a problem ;)

Oh, but you do have to register. And since security is handled by Elmer the Password Eating Ferret, you'll have to make frequent use of the password reminder feature. It doesn't work, but you'll try anyway.

It would be easier if the Blog would just post a random date every Sunday and leave it up to us to find back issues of the Herald at tag sales and recycling centers.

Rudy the Fare Chicken and Conrad the Fare Hamster are, by far, the most plausible explanations for airline flight pricing that I have ever heard.

Things have only gotten worse with the advent of Wanda the Frequent Flyer Miles Redemption Kangaroo.

But most flights end better than those on Lost.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! Happy Birthday Siouxie! Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

btw, Siouxie this guy said he would happy to come by and help put the candles out on the birthday cake. Ask him if he has any friends for me, judi, diva, Annie, etc.

Thanks, cindy!

Today's Siouxie's Birthday?! Perfect: & the last day of 24 -
Let the celebrating begin! Happy Day you Happy Girl!

btw judi, i clicked on the rectocolon link & the article came up easily...dave should really write more funny columns like that ;)

So, bday girl: is it Siouxie like the indian or 'Suzy'?
(trust me - i may just hafta come up with a jingle for ya)

trustf8, I'll bet you can't think of something that unique that rhymes with Siouxie and machete. Consider this a dare.

^ -that


Happy Birthday, Siouxie (also my cousin Nancy).

Aweemowep: Oh, but you don't.

And if you don't want to read the column, PLEASE - feel free not to. There will not be a test.

Since this is a Sunday thread I'm not posting good wishes to Siouxie here ;)

Thanks, Jeff and judi ;)

trustf8, I pronounce it "Susy".

That's good, Siouxie ... becuz otherwise we'd hafta rhyme with "hooey" ... um ... "fluey"? ... um ... "newie"? ... um ... nevermind ...

"Dewey" ? ? ? ... ah, fergitit ...

(Y'all will prolly wanna thank me later, for not stoopin' to such nonsense as "boozy" and "floozy" ... )

Aweemowep: Oh, but you don't.

And if you don't want to read the column, PLEASE - feel free not to. There will not be a test.

Whoa... somebody got up on the wrong side of the crypt...

Yes, you do have to register and sign in. I have to do it nearly every Sunday. I do want to read the columns, that's why I'm here.

You're not gonna make me cry.

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