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May 17, 2010


It's getting out of hand.



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You're danged right it's out of hand. The toilet paper is facing the wrong direction! UNDER, people! UNDER!

Spaz: that looks like it *is* under.

Which is wrong, obviously.

How on earth is it managing to hold itself up against gravity, though?


I predict TP-roll-based violence. What's the over-under on whether Siouxie's machete prevails?

It's as it should be. UNDER.

That looks like it could poke something.

That TP roll is on correctly; Dave is lying on his back, shooting up (Har!).

I don't want other people handling the stuff that's going to be used by my very private privates.

Over is the only way to go.

Yes, under is preferred, unless you have nefarious felines around.
Over makes it very difficult for them to unroll it!

Seems like they could have made a swan or animal of some type. Dung beetle ?

How 'bout that origami? Under or over:
'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.'

Cute Dave, cute

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon de-wipe.

Calls for an even WIDER stance.

There should be Congressional hearings to get to the bottom of this issue. Also about tissue on the shoe.

Contemplate the fold
Decorated for your butt
Soon to be wiped out

This is what Dave did while he was in the Green Room waiting for Craig Ferguson. And it's supposed to be over not under.

That's the guest toilet paper; like the guest towels, it's for decoration only. The usable stuff is hidden somewhere in a closet, drawer, undersink cabinet, etc.

You can take your lucky crane and stick it uo your lucky...

Appropriately, there is a toilet company called Crane Plumbing.

I used to remember how to make the crane, and I don't think that is one. Looks more like a squid to me.

Over, definitely. But this is a chance for all you unders to explain one of the mysteries of the ages: what, exactly, is the argument for under?

We are over-the-top people. A female relative visited us for a couple of hours once. After she left, I found that she had switched the paper to her preferred "under".
Knowing this lady and being naturally suspicious, I checked. She had gone to every bath in the house and switched them all.
If I hadn't thought under was wrong before, I am convinced now.

You should see what they do to the bedsheets.

If they spent as much time on cleaning as on folding the toilet paper the room wouldn't look like a CSI scene. Get out the black light.

Interestingly, I'm reading this in a hotel where both rolls (yes, there are two) are folded into come sort of chevron pointy thing. I always ask myself, "Self, what exactly is the purpose of this?" Is it to somehow make me feel more at home? 'Cause if that's the reason you've never seen my home. It's one of those little things that gets under the skin of a frequent traveler. Like when the maid leaves the tub plug in and I don't find out until I'm wading up to my ankles in the shower. And don't even get me started on leaving the clock radio facing away from the bed. I've had the "move the clock back and forth" tug-of-war game with hotel maids in 44 states and six countries.

Mrs. Layzee doesn't do origami on your t.p. for you?

over not Under! SHEEESH! Ya can't spin it as well.

At my age it is defintely over. One doesn't have to reach as far to grab the end.

Definitely over. My husband prefers under. So the direction can tell you who changed the roll last because we're both too lazy to change what the other did.

RtW-H ... the only sane method is under, Logic, Utility, Economics and Special Needs all dictate this, the proper choice ...

Over is solely used to be "nice" or "cute" ...

I'd re-post my Doctoral Thesis on this, but old-timers here have already seen it, and I prefer not to embarrass any noobs with the overwhelming example of my genius and concern for the well-being of all (h)umanity ...

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