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May 17, 2010


A South Tahoe High softball coach required any player who struck out in a May 1 game to drink soda out of a shoe, school officials have confirmed.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That will certainly teach them. It will teach them how to put dog poop in the coach's car and Lysol in his coffee.

It's a shoe sign summer is just around the corner.

Is our coaches teaching?

Win one for the slipper.

Our baseball league uses courtesy runners when there are two outs and the pitcher or catcher are on base. The last out takes the place of the player.

One of the coach's kids struck out -- badly -- for the second out. He then had to go to first base so the catcher could gear up.

He would have happily consumed soda from a shoe rather than face his Dad at first base.

I coach 13-14 year old boys--we have our first game under the lights tonight--and I'll run this idea past them. I know they'll love it. Until they ring up a K.

If you get Dave's new book (Yes! He wrote one!), check out the last (I think) essay, "A Festival of Grimness". This sneaker thing makes Dave's point very well.

Olo -- what would be the penalty for a backwards K?


OK, drink ANYTHING out of a sports-team shoe or eat a live slug?
Thank you. More than glad to help with the diet.

NMUA...hmmm good question. Maybe watch someone else do the pouring since he watched the pitch go by.

Hey, everyone has to learn to take one for the team. Walk it off. Walk it off.

The coach was discouraged by her team's stats,
She was tired of seeing them lose.
But she should have put some Pop in their bats
Instead of in their shoes.

So the high school softball coach attended a slumber party with her players?

Paging Elena Kagan . . .

Let's see, how about:

9 PM Handbag Fragging Time: Be there and see that you do, or drink soda out of a shoe...

No? Oh well...

Steve, I've been waiting all week to see Jack strangle Handbag with his bare hands.

Here's hoping.

Better than drinking outta your eyeball...

As I envision it, Jeff, just as Jack is about to throttle Logan, Cole grabs Jack and is struggling to hold him back, but just then Martha comes running out with a huge knife in her hand...

And she's aiming low IYCMD...

I was just about to try that trick with the soda once, but just then I got this phone call from the Chief...

More on "Bad to the Bone" Bauer...

And still more. I love the part about Edgar...

"Hey Coach -- did you get any from the wife last night? NO? Guess you struck-out too then, so suck it down, old man!"

Did someone say shoes??

That reminds me, how can they call it Sex and the City if the ladies are in the desert?? It seems simple enough to me: at the point that they leave the city for any reason, the title is BS. Now if they want to call it Sex and the Desert, that's fine...

Sex in the Dessert?? Whipped cream involved?? Chocolate syrup?? Nuts?

oh wait...desert...


for Siouxie...

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