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May 27, 2010


Alexis Houston, Matt Lauer's Non-Mistress, Was A Man Named Wellington

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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This story caused Matt's family grief.
A 'Mr.ess?' Beyond belief!
Mr. Wellington? A guy?
Matt won't cry,
But surely he'll ask; "Where's the Beef???"

Sometimes my life seems so very... ordinary ...


*admits blog breakage before being ratted out*

Seeking to be the scoop of the hour,
"she" claimed she did not do Matt Lauer.
It is now understood,
the "chick" used to sport wood,
We might need to call in Jack Bauer.

There are Absolutely 'No Italics Allowed' in my jacuzzi.

How 'bout eye-talians?

What about bold?

*Double checks close tag before posting.*

And, let me just say, that stories like this are what makes America Great, and why the Terrorists hate us. Because they could never have anything like, ummm, whatever that is.

my eyes went crossed. i'm still not sure what i read...

I am happy (or not) that Matt Lauer did not (or did) cheat on his wife. (If, indeed, his wife is (or is not) a man. (Or not)

Punkin, please, get it off your chest. Tell us what you really think (or not).

Let's try this or maybe this could this work??? I doubt it.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I understood any of that article.

YAY!! The blog is feexed. Thank you, judi/Dave.

What was the question again?

Thank you judi/dave...

(is that like alexis/stuart?)


There is absolutely positively NO Gloria Allred allowed in my jacuzzi (if I should ever get a jacuzzi).

There was a half-moment where I caught myself starting to care slightly about this story, but then I saw a lizard outside the window.

Yes, "Today",
All your anchors seemed so uncliche
Now somebody says one might have strayed.
Though, in a roundabout kind of way.

Matt's got half a man it's claimed he'd see,
He's denying banging he or she,
Oh, yes, "Today", what could this be?

What's at stake is dough
We all know, though he won't pay.
Wellington's ex-schlong,
Was longer yesterday.

Yes, "Today", interviewer's interviewee, eh?
Does he want to chase the leech away?
Oh, I believe it's "Yes!", "Today."

A fab and/or gear *snork* at MtB.

Unambiguous *snorks* to tf8, bon and Meanie!

Another eyewash moment, thanks to the Internet.

*snork* @ meanie!

Ann Curry
In a hurry
Got her college's mixed.
But Matt Lauer -
He's no 'Bauer'
His She-was-a-HE-who-was-Fixed!

sorry, but who cares. more non-news.

I guess it saves time to shave your face and legs in one go.

"He's denying banging he or she" Good one, mtb!

What's a little grammar between friends, eh?


If Matt & Alexis were in a jacuzzi
And no one was wearing their trunks,
A shaved beiber surprise! would've been quite a doozy
When they were comparing their 'junks'.

For some odd ... reason? ... I can't stop the old nursery rhyme frum rattlin' around in my consciousness ...

"Little Jack Horner, sat in a corner ... "

Sorry 'bout that ... I apologize for digression frum the primary subject of this thread ...

*snorks* @ Meanie, trustf8 & bon! Good job guys and er...gal.

Siouxie, I didn't know bonmot was a girl! Usually I can figure a story out by reading these comments but after reading them I had to read the story and I'm not sure I still understand it.

Little Matt Lauer
Sat with a flower,
Eating her curds and whoooooaaa!

Little Matt Lauer
Took a cold shower,
That Alexis is quite a contralto.
An affair he denied,
Said the media lied,
And Beef Wellington's sportin' a cameltoe.

Yesterday, Annie, I gave you a *smack*
A *snork* today from me!
Some people can't tell 'Jill' from 'Jack'
(they'll find out, eventually).

Dude looks like a lady!

Lola would know what to do.

Meanie, I think I'm in love with you.

Sheesh, what am I, chapped Lauer?

Counting me, that brings it up to two.....

*Serious blush*

Hey! Don't punk MY junk . . .

bonmot, I would never put down your junk. Or punk it. Somehow neither one of those statements sounds right.

When I read the article I wondered what in the world would be blogged on this. Amazing all....I'm still laughing or as you young ones say: "LOL"

"Today?" Oh, THAT's who Matt Lauer is... whatever..

Meanie, me makes three!!!

*just laughed so hard that I think I peed myself*

Also. Meanie. Me four.

Uh-oh. Time to stop fishing, before I get in real trouble ......

(Thanks, all!)

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